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*waiting* View More
Nano Machine (Retranslated Version) · C149
2 months ago
Reading Status: C149
Can't wait 2020 for the next batch of chapters!

More seriously, even if it is sometimes awkward or/and obvious, the story and the mysteries are pretty good so far. View More
Nano Machine (Retranslated Version)
2 months ago
Top class martial artists are very thick...? It's not good for their health. View More
Nano Machine (Retranslated Version) · C101
2 months ago
I can understand when people believe finding a plot hole when they don't remember what happened 50 chapters ago, but your whole point is countered and explained in this chapter... View More

wangtengfei: Just use the death knell supersonic technic? And isn't it condition is the same as back in the first shelters? When Hansen met with sacred ghost butterfly.. no matter what number his been swarmed it's doesn't matter when he wear super armor or super creatures? Inconsistency?

Super Gene · C761
2 months ago

Pebble_God: Hands down the best proposal a man can give.

Super Gene · C750
2 months ago

SmugMegumin: Honestly I expect it’s due in part to destiny and also in part to going places others haven’t gone. I mean it’s not like many people wanna venture out through unknown lands and willingly go through a desert to a super creature scorpion and survive it as well.

Super Gene · C742
2 months ago
of course he finds super creatures since he search for them. He's in one of the most dangerous place (black desert) of second god's sanctuary. Read the story ffs View More

Towers: Han Sen randomly stumbling into plot points again... also finding random Super Creatures like they weren't a rare thing...

Super Gene · C742
2 months ago
his sister is 12-14 years old, still in the school. His mother maybe have a trauma because of her husband's death (like han sen) so they both hide their real strength from everyone. Any other (dumb) question? View More

PlasmaticPi: The thing about his mother makes no sense whatsoever. The whole book started with him having to save his family from debt because his mother was such a bad fighter and couldn't sell any meat to make money. Yet now she is capable of that type of fighting, which could have easily gotten her out of debt? And where is his sister while both he and his mom are in the shelter?

Super Gene · C734
2 months ago
Hum... Do you read the story? Do you remember things said in previous chapter? Do you remember han sen complaining about his life force sensing's range? Do you remember that eyesight is part of the gene and that binoculars can be used in god's sanctuary so the observer is far, far away? View More

XBlueX: I love super Gene don't get me wrong but something really irritates me in the chapter. Hasen has the most paking op senses ever in that place but he didn't even detect that dude who is recording this ****. He already thought that this blood shura might be created by human so how did he not thought that someone is watching him. That just stupid. Stupid that he only need to open his Gene lock for 1 second to know someone is watching 1 paking second

Super Gene · C731
2 months ago

PopcornSectGenius: cant eat the egg until a safety route has been secured, otherwise that centipede would chase han sen to the ends of the earth

Super Gene · C722
2 months ago

GoldKong: because this is how you get rich by taking risks and if he doesnt eat the egg if he cant escape he can throw the egg away as a distraction but if he ate it right away then he would die 100 percent if the centipede caught up

Super Gene · C722
2 months ago
demi god class? wtf he's an evolver in second god sanctuary, do you read the story? View More

Mitch12354: First Demi-God class creature? Or just a really powerful super creature? Hopefully we find out in the next two chapters...

Super Gene · C720
2 months ago
yeah, ofc, he will max out his super geno points in 3 months then wait 10 years in second god's sanctuary doing nothing just to upgrade what he will get here View More

Ashwathdragon: Wasn't the reward for being a son of god twice - an enhancement of the previous reward? So maybe he will participate again next time as well?

Super Gene · C715
2 months ago
yep, again a problem of translator, like when he killed the peacock and it didn't say that it had a life essence, or now when it said he could gain super geno points with meat View More

SunderGoldmane: You can’t eat the body of a super creature. It’s too tough. Remember how he tried to eat the mother growler? He swallowed a piece andot just sat there in his stomach. His angel sucked it out of him after she finished the rest of the corpse. It takes a super gene to “crack the seal” on super creature life essence. The reason Han Sen could lick the mother growlers was because the baby broke the seal or she purposefully did not seal it so her cub could use it.

Super Gene · C682
2 months ago
how can a mount between mutant and sacred blood be as fast as a super creature? It's 2nd god sanctuary, not first. View More

Sirseid: soo our MC just want to show off his nice lance/speer/Greatsword
and intent to not use his Golden Growler for persuit, but not only that his beast soul Aura is still hidden in his mind see
if he ever use his full power he must be awaysome :D
Thanks for the Chaper

Super Gene · C671
2 months ago
beast soul wings have heigh limit.. Can't understand how people can follow a story without reading it smh View More

kumadam: Not to mention heights. Isn’t it possible for him to fly up so high even above the atmosphere of that sanctuary to see what it looks like with his endless stamina?

Super Gene · C661
2 months ago
the spirit hall is a very little part of the spirit shelter. It was said and repeated for chapters and chapters when conquering the yinyang royal shelter but you didn't understand? Or didn't read? View More

ThreeJaoXia: If not faster, you'd think wings would at least let him get higher than 'gliding' wolves. But the author often ignores height. One minute he's describing a shelter as massive and cathedral like - next he's in a fight for his life with a spirit he should be able to just fly over and grab their stone.

Super Gene · C661
2 months ago
hating on the fact that han sen is hiding his achievements to his gf as well. The author is making him do that just to make other characters surprised everytime he breathes, and without this annoying trait of personnality we could have been at the same point in the story in the chapters ~450 View More
Super Gene · C651
2 months ago
Saint Angel? You know the drum. View More

Downuts: Xiao Yan? Xiao Yan?! F**K YOU SERIOUSLY

Super Gene · C648
2 months ago
Xiao Yan? Xiao Yan?! F**K YOU SERIOUSLY View More

Downuts: Transfigured? Transfigured?! F**CK YOU TL

Super Gene · C648
2 months ago
Transfigured? Transfigured?! F**CK YOU TL View More
Super Gene · C648
2 months ago
With this translator, we can be happy not seeing blackhawk become niggabird View More

kristoff2018: So blackhawk became blackhark lol

Super Gene · C641
2 months ago
But his life wasn't in danger back then like what is implied here View More

ThreeJaoXia: The MC (and author) have a pretty short memory. He was carried down by another girl after he collaped in the snow not all that long ago. I seem to remeber him getting carried in the first santuary too but at least I realize my memory is bad and wouldn't commit to this being the only time he had ever been carried.

Super Gene · C631
2 months ago
The beast soul glyph from the bird is broken anyway View More

Deugan: They still didnt explain the enchanment gain from bird glyph.

Super Gene · C625
2 months ago
Han Sen is doing more and more forbidden things in Yanran's back. Even a gourd wtf View More
Super Gene · C623
2 months ago
half god?
please, stop mass releases, post 1 chapter every two day but make use of that thing in your skull View More
Super Gene · C618
2 months ago
it is indestructible. But if you read the story, you know that you can't summon a shelter. View More

Raquib: Doesn't he have that mermaid princess and indestructible palace thing. Why can't he just summon it and hide inside. Even if its not indestructible against a super pet, it can surely swim faster.

Super Gene · C615
2 months ago
ONE TIME USE sacred blood beast soul weapon, shattered just by wind View More

Keyang27: Why was Sen shocked that a sacred weapon shattered on a super beast?

Super Gene · C604
2 months ago
love the chapter title, i wonder when rapid speed and resistant resistance are coming View More
Super Gene · C601
2 months ago
she's between 10 and 12 years old, way younger than 16 years old View More

Abaddon: I'm still wondering about his mom. Also it's been a few years already, shouldn't his sister be getting ready to go into the first zone? Or is she still too young?

Super Gene · C597
2 months ago
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