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  • Midlorin: Change of Heart

    Midlorin: Change of Heart


    It is a story of the warriors that turns thinking of the evil person. Midlorin is a planet. It is divided in seven parts, ‘MIDDLEAR’, ‘NORTHEAR’, ‘SOUTHEAR’, ‘EASTEAR’, ‘WESTEAR’, ‘BRI’ and ‘DEATH ZONE (HELL)’. Many species are living there. In past an evil ruler was attacked and destroyed many things. The guardians and great warriors were existed. They were able to win against him. They were killed his body and sealed his soul in Hell. After that war, separation was happened. Guardian’s name is ‘WEARDAND’. He is spreading peace on the Midlorin. A letter was come from hell, and it the reason behind unusual activities. Weardand is made a team. They are investigating the problems, and solve it. In this trouble, a breed is living in the peace. They are known as ‘HEDRIT’. They live in ‘HOB TOWN’. A teen boy from that species starts his journey with a teen Dwarf. Hedrit & dwarf’s names are ‘BAILEN’ & ‘UIDON’. They are searching information of the places and murderer of Bailen’s family. They saw wars and magical places and persons. They learned basic fighting style from ‘AGSERIO’ & ‘ORIAN’. At the end, they meet an ‘ELF’ and leave the world to know about ‘LIFE’. Guardian meets many persons. One of it is king; his name is ‘SPICMAN’. They unite and win their place, which is known as ‘WHALEGROWN’. The dragon riders were ruling there. After this war, an evil ruler gets his powers in hell. He found his magic stick and book. His name is ‘NAMRON’. Spicman is organized two different tournaments to get the warriors. Both of time, the evil army interrupts and starts the war. The magical warriors come and help the Midlorin to win against terror. Guardian gives the mission to those magical warriors. So they leave the Midlorin to find their origin. Those magical warriors’ names are ‘MONKI’, ‘YUZIN’, ‘PORUN’ & ‘ORIAN’. After the peaceful days, the evil armies come with Namron to attack on all the nations of Middlear. The guardian goes to fight with Namron, while Spicman and his army are fighting with evil armies. With help of pure heart and determination, guardian changes evil thinking of Namron. The story isn’t end here. A messenger comes; his name is ‘XAVIER’. He tells something to guardian, which increases their problem. Guardian again starts his investigation.


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