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Forgive me if I am wrong. Sky steps, how does it work? It creates a platform made from fire where ever he wants it for a second? Couldn't he dunno, create one in the snakes head? Burning platform strong enough to hold his weight for a whole second. Haha this was your best weapon the whole time fool. View More
Monster Integration · C259
1 day ago
Haha, forgive me if I am wrong. Can't he give a potion to improve the "not pretty girls "? won't the system turn the to rankers? Max you fool. Why risk being burned going only for the beauties? View More
The Lust System · C61
3 days ago

Mobbingldust: What I expect after this arc ends
1-he becomes atleast pinnacle seregant.(he stayed at specialist for one and a half year !!)
2-he becomes stronger than super elite. (His fighting style is better than jills so he just needs to discover the secret of their strength and he's all set)
3-ashlyn gets better bloodline and gets alot stronger.

Some people say how all this is gonna happen so i'll answer it for you: this realm is bigger than the previous one so he will find more mircale fruits (he found two at previous realm), it's also obvious that something will happen in minerva so he needs atleast what I mentioned above to survive.

Also anwan needs to make those realms more serious by making his friend ellen die (he hasn't heard anything from her for 2 months after she had entered the realm)and by making 80% of the people who entered minerva die so he pushes the strength of the mc by a large maragin.

Monster Integration · C253
5 days ago
Let's face it everyone. This author will never get a editor. Please comment every paragraph to help with his grammar. Its utterly appalling. View More
Monster Integration · C253
5 days ago
I don't really see the point in making another problem with his bird. We hear about how Michael is disappointed with her every chapter. Now we are once again reminded how bad she sucks. Main character makes Zero effort to learn how to fight with her. He also seems to have given up his only ability to bear pain and grow. What happened to testing his limits every chapter. Didn't that old lady say she would help him with the limit? What was the price? It was to get to 10 right? Why stop so soon? View More

SilentByakko: Fvcking hell... he was already trash and now the bird fvcks him over again?? This fvcking sadist author...

Monster Integration · C245
1 week ago
Or maybe the elder with the fox put a warning out. View More
Monster Integration · C236
2 weeks ago
What happened to his opponent using a axe? You switched it to a sword?? What is more than more than net long??? How can you claim to speak English? How are you not reading your own chapters out loud? Do some proof reading already! No wonder your ranking drops! View More
Monster Integration · C232
2 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C77
3 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Monster Integration · C231
3 weeks ago

Seuss03: --part one--
"Which realm?" his friend asked, immense excitement could be heard from his voice.

I also felt excited waiting for that answer but this bastard deliberately did not say a word for a few seconds.

Seeing that, I wanted to beat him upside his head. It really is becoming a habit.

"Minerva Realm!" he said quickly as his friend lifted his hand to hit him.

"Is that really true?" asked his friend, not believing what he heard. I also felt it couldn't be right, they wouldn't give out tickets to a space realm like Minerva.

''It is true! My cousin told me personally." he replied to his friend's question.

Seeing his friend mention his cousin, he seemed to be convinced and fell into deep thought as well.

From what I know, Minerva realm appeared forty-some years ago.

It is one of the few realms that are controlled collectively, rather than by a single organization.

Minerva realm is a special space realm. Unlike normal space realms which have fixed entrances and are always open , Minerva space realm is different.

It is said that Minerva realm's entrance opens once every forty-five months, and for only twenty-some days before disappearing.

I was shocked hearing the name of Minerva realm because it is way out of my league and very dangerous.

Normally, they gave realm tickets of a realm which has the Corporal stage as the limit. Occasionally they even award a realm which has a limit of Sergeant stage, but the limit of Minerva realm is the Master stage.

From what I've heard, the Minerva realm is very dangerous, more dangerous than the space realm I went to before.

Also, this realm hadn't been fully explored, there are still some parts of this realm that were a mystery to everyone.

This realm is full of fortune, but very dangerous, especially to Specialist stage evolvers like myself.

I quickly did some search on my holowatch and found that the next opening of this realm is thirteen or fourteen months away.

If I am able to get into the top 50 and win a ticket to the Minerva realm, I will have a more than a year's time to prepare.

In that time, I will try to break the limit on Ashlyn's strain to level up to Corporal stage. Only then would I have a chance to survive in that realm and encounter some fortune.

The fact that there's more than a year's time until the opening of Minerva realm is likely the reason they are giving tickets to this realm.

It is enough time for nearly all of the Specialist stage evolvers to level up to Corporal stage. The danger they will face will be less dire than if they were still at Specialist stage, though it would still be dangerous for them to venture into Minerva realm.

Waiting for my fight, I kept watching the fights that are taking place in the ring. The more fights I watched, the more convinced I was that my earlier conjecture was true.

The power that Anissa displayed could definitely place her in Top 50, and that means I also have the power to reach the top fifty.

As long I didn't have the worst luck, I am confident of placing in the Top Fifty.

I have already fought four battles, three wins and one tie. I will fight one more battle this afternoon, and another five after that.

Time passed by, and the half-hour is soon over, prompting my holowatch to deliver information on my new opponent.

Her Rank is 129 and she has both a knight-grade artifact and skill.

It is written that her knight grade skill is an attack-type and her knight-grade artifact is an armor.

I should be able to finish this fight in a few minutes as I plan to give it my all.

The fight finished much more quickly than I expected. I thought I will take me a few minutes, but it had finished in a few seconds.

I had planned before going into the ring that I will give my all and try to finish the fight as soon as possible. All my moves and skill were already exposed in the earlier fight, so, it will not affect my future fights much if I show my full power.
--part one--

Monster Integration · C231
3 weeks ago

Seuss03: --part two--
So, as I went into the ring, without waiting, I lit up the jets and my sword to the limit while activating my speed-type and strengthening-type skill.

My speed was so great that she was unable to react.

I swung my flaming sword at her head far too fast for her to counter, and hit her directly on the head, sending her out of the ring, unconscious.

By defeating her, I finished all five of my afternoon fights and could take more than one hour's rest before I have to fight again.

This time, I went back to the participants lounge seeing as I have enough time to rest, and ordered an expensive drink.

It is really good! I praised silently, and ordered another two as Ashlyn came out and demanded one for herself.

I felt quite good after drinking two drinks; all the fatigue I was feeling mentally had gone away in an instant.

No wonder it cost ten thousand credits! I wanted to order another one, but I noticed that one can order only three of the drinks, and thanks to Ashlyn, I had finished my quota of three drinks.

Sitting lightly in the chair, I watched another fight, as Lily had taken the stage.

Her chances did not seem good, the opponent she is fighting is the 44th rank and quite an expert, using a hammer and shield to perfectly counter her whip skill.

Normally, it was quite difficult to defend against the water whip skill. It is easy to manipulate, and if one kept drinking mana potions, they can use the skill indefinitely.

Her skill is nearly the perfect attacking skill, but it can still be countered.

As long as the opponent is agile enough, her skill is countered, and that is what her opponent is doing.

It is thanks to her skill that she is able to battle evenly with her opponent. If she had any other skill, even my fire strike, she would have lost five minutes after the fight began.

Her skill is best used to restrict the opponent, and that's what she is doing.

Despite him being agile, he is having a hard time getting close to her, but as time passes, he is getting used to her patterns. It likely wouldn't take more than another five minutes until Lily is defeated.

Soon, her opponent was getting more and more chances to attack, while she was barely able to restrain him.

The injuries on Lily's body kept getting heavier, and the opponent did not give her any chance to drink a potion.

A few seconds later, Lily's whip started to flicker and fade away due to lack of mana, and her opponent seized that chance.

He speedily approached her and used his hammer to directly strike her chest, sending her flying from the ring like a kite.

It isn't a surprising result, her opponent was surely going to win, he was only delayed due to Lily having a restraining-type skill.

Lily seemed to have fallen unconscious after the attack as the referee fed her a potion and the medics took her away.

"Ting!" I kept watching the fights while waiting for my match when my holowatch buzzed, notifying me of my next opponent.

Monster Integration · C231
3 weeks ago
I guess you could also say it is another 12 rounds plus an extra kissing and grouping View More

Lethal_trap_2: It's not so bad. He just needs to do the full round of set of what he did with his sister another 13 times. They earned 3,850 points for it.

The Lust System · C43
3 weeks ago

Ruth_Leavitt: 1st

The Lust System · C43
3 weeks ago
It's not so bad. He just needs to do the full round of set of what he did with his sister another 13 times. They earned 3,850 points for it. View More
The Lust System · C43
3 weeks ago
I immediately stopped reading to post the same thing! This Sister is the brains of the operation. Why did she not think of this. It would keep her as the main wife. View More

SlytherinSoCool: Okay here's a smart idea he buys Yu'er most or all of the skills and then have sex with her to get them lowering the price and saving points

The Lust System · C40
3 weeks ago

SlytherinSoCool: Okay here's a smart idea he buys Yu'er most or all of the skills and then have sex with her to get them lowering the price and saving points

The Lust System · C40
3 weeks ago
Whole page copied twice View More
Monster Integration · C217
4 weeks ago

Lethal_trap_2: It drives me a little crazy, if he proof read it before releasing it. He should have caught his errors.

Monster Integration · C101
1 month ago
This might be the worst chapter so far. The Grammer is Atrocious. I had to stop several times to figure out each sentence. View More
Monster Integration · C191
1 month ago
Dear Author AnWan,

I couldn't help noticing a lack of Capitalizing of names. A writing rule growing up I had to learn. Most writing autocorrect programs will change names to something else unless capitalized. They are set to recognize them as names when capitalized. This makes it slightly more taxing when you have written for a while. However, The program won't changed by itself without you noticing. Example: Michael is a specialist grade Evolver. His friend William is a Corporal grade Evolver. Evolver is a name and if you don't capitalize it corrects to Revolver. Which between you and me makes Michael a Psychopath. Who is friends with a gun? Only monsters talk to their weapons. View More
Monster Integration · C173
1 month ago
Clear your catch. It should be under settings. This is for those saying they have duplicated chapters. View More
Monster Integration · C169
1 month ago
Needs a couple of slight edits. I really like how original the story! Keep up the good work. View More
I have a Slime Transformation System? · C2
1 month ago
Arghh trying to remember who niu lang is. View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C182
1 month ago
Revolver is a gun. View More
Monster Integration · C166
1 month ago
Rhea is the one with it in her bag. Nothing said about her. Maybe she got bit finally? View More

Ashandar: Pretty sure they got rid of it remember he had to make Room in his bag for the herbs and fruit that his pet was bring him

Monster Integration · C166
1 month ago
Ah okay, I don't understand. Doesn't he already have that ability or did he forget? He used it to kill a Wolf in one hit. Why not just use it on his feet when running in the air? View More
Monster Integration · C165
1 month ago
Wow, you have reviewed your book more than once?? View More

AnWan: This novel is good.....

Monster Integration
1 month ago
I don't know. Seems a little far fetched. Wouldn't she be scared of flying monsters considering she got eaten by one. View More

yoyoyo5678: I got the idea that mc partner has reborn (2nd life) and from there all her knowllege

Monster Integration · C158
1 month ago
Exp View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C178
1 month ago
Reading Status: C158
It's a good read, However it seems like the author sometimes edits his post and claims there is an editor. The same mistakes are constantly made. He can't seem to even remember how to spell his characters names sometimes. He even forgets or changes area names constantly. Correl city? Red flower city? Misty Bazzar? Maistra Bazzar? Blood wood city? Redwood city? Ashly? Ashton? Ashlynn?? What is her name? Jim's girlfriend's name is? And the leader of the camp is? The girl who fought her childhood friend's name is? Revolver? Evolver? Which is it? View More
Monster Integration
1 month ago
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