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Sounds like you're 12 and a dreamer. Keep dreaming kiddo. Sure, reality is just like you imagine. View More

Salysam: HAHAH....then u better broaden your social circle or change it if useless men are the only ones u're having in urs.... ur life is so precious to waste it with someone who doesn't give a damn in every aspect of ur life.

The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO · C35
2 months ago
You are the stupid and illogical one. In real life, men don't like to be involved in their woman's problems and with both genders, having such a ****ty family is a huge red flag that people avoid. She got neglected and he only slept with her so far, he does not know about her situation because he did not care to find out about her.
She has literarelly no reason to think he is her knight in shining armour, which by the way, is a very unrealistical expectation in a relationship. View More

Salysam: hahah....if people like me annoy u ,my dear, then u can just ignore us, besides, if she's used that much by the people and men around her, then she can just be intelligent and use them too....trust has nothing to do with intelligence, only stupid people think like that...and if she really care about her grandmother, nothing can stop her from doing so, not even her stupid so called pride, not that i see any pride or self respect left by the way she let her sh*tty family treat her...oh, by the way, stupid and illogical people like u annoy me the most, just so u know... :)

The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO · C35
2 months ago
Honestly, while it annoys me... back in the late 2010s, almost everyone around me smoked. People knew they were not good for health, but they did not care and it had a cool and "social" factor. View More

Poche: This novel advertisement cigarette, the author most be an addict.

Path of Medicine With a System · C23
2 months ago
Oh Jesus, you and people like you, annoy me. She has no trust for the man. For obvious reasons. Her first boyfriend abandoned her after just a few lies. What trust does a man who picked her like he was picking vegetables at the market, deserve? In the previous relationship, the man even went after her for a long time. Did it matter in the end? No. Since it's also said she was drugged and photographed, maybe even raped and threatened with that, why would she trust a man with such pride would be ok with it, or even on her side? View More

Salysam: what a stupid a$$ this FL, why can't she just come clean with her husband, after all it's not like she has anything to lose with him, isn't choosing the lesser of two devils is the best solustion?...what a fool...she deserves more than that, the idiot.

The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO · C35
2 months ago
The boss is at "lower than 20 percent" View More

Chaoscycle: Plus ive never seen morons try to KS at 80%

MMORPG: Martial Gamer · C18
2 months ago

LuluoO: I feel like he's just making fun of her. Ehh, I hope she'll overcome her fear of Villain-ssi so she won't be obedient like this.

Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty and Masked Beast · C56
4 months ago

Starvenus: She is always betrayed one way or another, small or large by these two guys. 😭😭 it has to be beneficial for them first.

I am a Second Female Lead · C0
7 months ago
Reading Status: C86
At first, it was interesting... but the same old tropes get annoying, and fast. The FL is in danger of getting raped so often, it's stifling. Her best friend is literally raped by her husband...
This one time, the FL made a love confession after she danced seductively, and as soon as the guy is gone, two men come gripping her wrist to take her away and rape her.
Another time, she is walking down the road and a man stops his car, recognizes her, sees the fact that she is alone and sees this as his chance to rape her.
Next, she is kidnapped in at least 3 instances until chapter 250. All for the same purpose. Someone wants to f her.
If you don't detest men after reading this, it's a miracle. View More
Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle
7 months ago

CreamPuffDelights: Didn't make it past 5 chapters before the sheer idiocy stopped me.
Not even 5 chapters in and we have already been introduced to 3 women, 1 that already knew and lovea him and apparently fucks him regularly as well, 1 that barely met him for 2 sentences before we get the typical girl in distress, mc saves the day with unique skill scenario after which she obviously falls for him, and the last is the mandatory ice queen wife whose impression of him is entirely justified so far. Why do I say justified when it's clear he has circumstances beyond what her shallow world view can comprehend?

Because what god forsaken fool of a alleged WAR GOD from a BATTLEFIELD would randomly go somewhere without informing anyone, including his **** doll that only knows how to get his love by being a slut, without any cash, any identification, any transport and basically zero preparations what so ever, resulting in him having to beg his narrow minded ice ***** wife for 100 bloody yuan?

He brags alot mentally about being awesome and displaying his alpha male, typical domineering male ego that plaguesmost wuxia main characters, presumably so the author can soothe his readers and make them keep waiting until he maximizes the impact of the wife face slapping later. Problem here is that your foundation is so contrived, forced and mind numbingly stupid I can't even last long enough to reach your inevitably shallow-as-fuxk face slapping.

Anywhoo.... The mc is bad enough but let's move on to the *** dolls (female characters). Why do I call them that? Because it's obvious that's what the author, or the translator is shooting for. Just look at way they are described. Nuff said. I would rather not repeat those crude, vulgar, sexually overloaded descriptions here and degrade my own IQ and EQ in the process. Ironically I dumped rebirth of a legendary guardian precisely because of that kind of sexually laced descriptions but again I find them here. And it's even worse if that's even possible. Do all new wuxia authors have to take mandatory classes on how to be misogynists nowadays or something?

In summary? Not worth reading if you're a decent person.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife
8 months ago
Honestly, at this point, I would probably have hated him. First she lost her virginity to him. Let's say that's passable since she initiated or whatever. But he was the one in the scandal when she was blamed to have slept with a baldy, he did nothing, said nothing. He already knew who she was and he's an entertainment giant, but she still got defamed. Next, he did not even properly look into her situation and helped the people that hurt her. Next, he did not check and ruined the receipt. At this point, she would be 100 times better without his damn help. Harbinger of bad luck, ffs. I would runaway from him like was the devil. View More
Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C46
8 months ago
I think Lin Ru is connected to the Tang family too. Remember Tang Xi's dream? View More

Prettygirlz: Grandpa Tang seems to recognize his baby girl.

Strike Back, Proud Goddess! · C233
8 months ago
I am going to have to let the chapters stack. Reading like this, one chapter per day is torture. View More
Strike Back, Proud Goddess! · C183
9 months ago
Hahaha. Tang Xi, you really have a long way to go. I like the fact that she is OP, yet not really at the same time. View More
Strike Back, Proud Goddess! · C175
9 months ago

TiredCake: I assume it's a cultural issue about female sexual agency. They use drugs/rape as a plot device that allows the female protagonist to be blameless but still create the secret baby/marriage plot of western modern romances. It comes from institutional values, that an ideal woman will not willfully engage in sexual acts prior to marriage. There's also the state-backed silence on sexual assault. A Chinese poll quoted in a Time article about the #MeToo movement in Asia stated 75% of students and graduates surveyed had been sexually harrassed. So maybe this is also a Cinderella version of a common experience. I do wish they'd aim higher though.

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C1
9 months ago
Oh shiet... must be Kareem View More
He is a Nymphomaniac. · C282
11 months ago
Certain establishments are cleaned better than others. A lot of professional cleaning products kill bacteria or keep insects away. View More

Saran83: That is too much.. They are in the comfort room floor..its dirty.. And they act like they are rolling at floor at home???

He is a Nymphomaniac. · C222
11 months ago
Ohhhh Rhehan is the only child of Davis and the only one he can have since his genitals are busted. He deserved it though. Manipulative prick. View More
He is a Nymphomaniac. · C178
11 months ago
This dude makes me have trust issues. She closed both doors and he still watched her. That's disturbing. View More
He is a Nymphomaniac. · C171
11 months ago

Xioleelee: I am in love with this novel! Unlike other novels its fresh and not full of idiotic misunderstandings! I like the positive and mature approach of ML and FL.

He is a Nymphomaniac. · C164
11 months ago
Why do I feel that Rose's mom is indebted to Rhehan's dead parents? View More
He is a Nymphomaniac. · C161
11 months ago
I read the titles to speculate and thought it would be the usual misunderstanding. I love how strong and smart Rose was in this situation. View More
He is a Nymphomaniac. · C121
11 months ago

Rainbowblack000: Lol! Chasing a man? What's the difference of you and other women then?

He is a Nymphomaniac. · C58
11 months ago
He takes liberties with her and gets mad when she retaliates. Damn psycho. View More
He is a Nymphomaniac. · C36
11 months ago
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