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The problem with your theory is that it is posted at the same time as the update here... I get my webnovel update notice and it's up in both places. View More

Byakuei86: more like steal from this site put on other site... if someone didn't want to pay SS they will surely find it somewhere in internet XD

Tempest of the Stellar War · C1155
1 week ago
Wasnt a case of translators missing the chapter that is the problem... the editors get paid for work of this quality, but dont bother to read the book, make such massively fukked up mistakes, and then never go back to fix them...

I'm just surprised that they did a decent job on these two chapters, but then marked them free instead of charging ss... View More

Jack_Frost360: Why would you ask that? Besides the translators have missed many chapters.

Tempest of the Stellar War · C1155
1 week ago
More like google translated, then edited by someone into barely legible engrish, which was gone over by an idiot who never read the damn book and then posted on 3 different sites...cuz I generally dont read it here, and the other site I use has the exact same errors... View More

anImaru: This still reads like its been machine translated and then edited by someone who is barely fluent in English.

Tempest of the Stellar War · C1155
1 week ago
Better job on these two chapters in translation and editing... why did you guys forget to charge for them? View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C1155
1 week ago
They may have changed the translator as well as the editor... they made some horrific screwups in the past few chapters... seriously, how do you fuq up the name of the main characters' primary love interest unless you just never bothered to read the damn book? View More

lool90: Dod they change the editor?

Tempest of the Stellar War · C1153
1 week ago
Errors again... seriously. Translation team errors compounded with editorial errors. Skill names being changed, character names being changed, names of important current events being changed... the story is great, please do a better job than this. View More
Tempest of the Stellar War · C1152
1 week ago
Ya... friggin ridiculous bull****e... her name is spelled correctly in the chapter title about 20 chapters ago, but I guess they dont pay the editorial staff enough to make them bother to read the fuqing book now and then... View More

Byakuei86: Anna??? am i reading release that witch now.... seriously

Tempest of the Stellar War · C1151
1 week ago
See this! I just gifted this story: A Meat Popsicle! View More

Brokedepressed: Is this a comment or did you really gift

Dual Cultivation · C229
2 months ago
Imagine a dragon's tail.. or a devil's tail. Pointed, like an arrowhead, with blades along the two edges... this is the knife-tail, most likely, or something quite similar to it in form and function. View More

Jin_Daoas: a bit confusing. what the heck is a knife-tail for one. slightly disappointed and hoping someone offers a better edit...

Level 0 Master · C6
2 months ago
LOL... newb View More

yarosm: trash

Dual Cultivation · C227
2 months ago
And yet, here you are, paying your ss out for it... how idiotic can you be, you hypocrite? View More

yarosm: trash novel

Dual Cultivation · C227
2 months ago
Gilgamesh is too giggity getting down with Circe... he's got a side job as a cheap giggalo (so he can get around more)... last I heard, he was getting horsewhipped for daydreaming out loud on the job about wanting to be Sweet Mistress Arturia's cabana boy... View More

Kamome: I am the exp of my sword
Exp is my body
And exp is my blood
I have created over 1000 reviews
Unknown to death
Nor known to life
Have withstood pain to create many reviews
Yet, those hands will never write a proper review
And so I pray...

Sword Among Us
2 months ago
They are still sneaking around, peeping at Wu Ying, and hoping not to get spanked by daddio... View More

MJAgo: What happened to that two old men from heaven that were watching him???

Spirit Cultivation · C228
2 months ago
Rrrrrribbit! View More

FatFatFrog: :D

Dual Cultivation · C227
2 months ago
If bored, go back and read through again, checking out the chapter comments as you go... great fun! View More

WhatIfMoble: Honestly, I only open every few chapters unless something I want to see is going on. If I get confused I can always just go back and unlock the chapters I skipped. The benefit of this is you do save a decent amount of spirit stones. The nevel is not not bad, but often the author just takes too long to say stuff/repeats himself.

Dual Cultivation · C227
2 months ago
.... only 2 girls... they'd break their huhas desperately trying to keep up... he would still need to supplement his needs (and desires) with all his other girls. Besides, he can help those girls raise their cultivation levels en masse, and that can snowball into more yin qi for him over time, ext...

Once he has those girls dancing in his palm, he can go collect the central pretties and add them as crown jewels to grace his family jewels... View More

TheSupremeReader: Srsly? If you want to cultivate to high-end girls just stay at central continent with those two that you just banged. Dumb reason.

Dual Cultivation · C226
2 months ago
Pathway to "The Secets of the Kama Sutra"..... n-joy View More

Primal_silence: This type of novel is pathway to........

Dual Cultivation · C222
2 months ago
I do believe that there is somethin wrong with this here guy's medulla oblongata... yup, that's fer sure... View More

NewWebReader: All chapters are like copy/paste. Can we see something different?

Dual Cultivation · C222
2 months ago
Try structuring your days better to give yourself a set time to write, and carry a voice recorder or use a recording app on a portable device during the day in case your muse surprises you...

Do your best to get ahead on weekends and properly ration the chapter release. Doing this can ensure that the chapter sizes will better satisfy your readers without compromising on the writing quality. In this way, you can maintain your health, studies, and novel writing without compromising the quality of any facet of your life.

Also, get in the habit of getting ahead and then re-reading the chapters yourself before posting in order to proofread and fix mistakes. The quality of your work will be greatly improved. View More

Piokilek: Well, I came home late today, only managed to write this much. I push myself every day to write more and more even at the cost of my health, coughing whole day cause of flu and you guys still complain... My social life is basically non-existent after I started writing. And what's worse, you guys complain but you dont even pay for the novel cause you use free stones. I dont earn a single cent from you guys but hear complaints. I said I had Uni today, what else you want...

Spirit Cultivation · C203
2 months ago
Yeah, but he blasted them out of the water... their boss looted their rings View More

Badr_Zh: didn't he kill four saints? the very first two then the two he killed with explosions?

Spirit Cultivation · C198
2 months ago
Nike: Just Do It.

Trojan: Just Do Her. As long as she doesn't get pregnant, keep on pumping her full of your "happy ham"! View More

Creative: Just do it. Dont let your dreams be dreams~hmm where have I heard that before

Spirit Cultivation · C196
2 months ago
Teach the girls the clone techniques too... you remember those old "doublemint" commercials? "Double the pleasure, double the fun...." the one with lots of twins staring at each other like they want to spit the damn gum out and gang rape each other all night long? View More
Spirit Cultivation · C195
2 months ago
.... just make her a cougar, then... have Wen be a dominatrix who enjoys thoroughly punishing him for neglecting her sisters by tying him up to have her way with him any time she catches him alone... View More

Piokilek: She may try to turn cute but the real tigress will always be a tigress :D

Spirit Cultivation · C194
2 months ago
.... Cmon, girls, let's make love, not war... View More
Spirit Cultivation · C193
2 months ago
LOL .... seriously? They abducted him into another world to gang-rape him and then opted to keep him as a ****-pet after doing genetic experiments on him without his knowledge or consent.... View More

Lazy2Name_3: Why every woman brings troubles to MC? Just why?
Only Yiren and Nuwa are good they didn't bring any trouble to him, atleast not yet.

Spirit Cultivation · C192
2 months ago
Always keep theraflu and orange juice on hand. The orange juice is for drinking, you nasty animals... leave the enemas to those really queer people... View More

Piokilek: Next chapter will be delayed till the EU morning. Can't focus right now. Too sick and sleepy...

Spirit Cultivation · C189
2 months ago
Check chapter comments, a few corrections included in there. :) View More

Piokilek: I know, I know :) just trying to explain the stuff you said :P I also want to improve so I read all comments and critique. I dont mind it. Thanks for reading. :)

Spirit Cultivation · C188
2 months ago
.... His name ain't Mad Snail..... View More

MagmaEater: Wtf is this 7 chapters in and we are still on the first day can this snail move or something...

Chameleon: My True Face · C7
2 months ago
Yeah, but what happened to the "forever free" promise thingy? View More

Piokilek: Writing isn't a charity :) It my job. If you think the novel is worth it to pay, do it. If not, then don't, as simple as that. 34 chaps is already a big teaser. You can tell if you want to read or not just from that. Byeee~

Chameleon: My True Face · C34
2 months ago
Dude... it would be weird if he DIDN'T just pop in out of thin air. He's an assassin plus he's got artifacts that can teleport him. But that's ok, you are the author, tell it your way! View More

Piokilek: Cough, It would be weird if thousand Blades would just appear out of nowhere later. Had to write the setting. Took longer than expected as the pen flowed >.<

Spirit Cultivation · C184
2 months ago
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