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Yeah... Doesn't sound the least bit comfortable at all... View More

HighWorlds: Cut open his chest and put the bag in there? Even if I'm a cultivator and an Immortal I wouldn't dare to do that to myself.

Renegade Immortal · C778
2 months ago
Huh... I totally didn't remember there was a dream like that. Good to know. Sounds pretty important haha View More

HighWorlds: I see where the author is going with this. First Wang Lin was saying "What qualification do you have for hurting my friend" or something like that, and then back then when he found out a hint about Shi Realm, he was daydreaming about holding both Ji and Shi realm, on his left and right hand controlling life and death as his dao is related to that before it evolved to karma dao.

Renegade Immortal · C777
2 months ago
Yeah, that will be a while probably. Seeing as his most likely location is a cave inside the Demon Spirit Land. View More

HighWorlds: Yet another Celestial that somehow survived the Celestial Realm collapse... there's a rumor that the Emperor survived too, but we'll see.

Renegade Immortal · C775
2 months ago
I kind of hope he makes it his life treasure...
Almost feels like it would be a waste if he didn't. Especially since it grows with him! View More
Renegade Immortal · C774
2 months ago
Haha I don't even remember what those are anymore, or when we were first introduced to them. View More

KingShlomo: This king has struck first again. Just realized we never learned why celestial fruits were useful for cultivators in the celestial realm

Renegade Immortal · C769
2 months ago
Wow, amazing View More
Renegade Immortal · C760
2 months ago
I don't think the thunder beast would have been much help unless he completely unsealed it, which would be quite dangerous for him. I'm not 100% sure the beast has fully accepted Wang Lin yet. View More

HighWorlds: Oshit I completely forgot about this weird old guy that keeps saying fated this and fated that xD
I was wondering why Wang Lin didn't use the thunder beast and it was borrowed by this old man!

Renegade Immortal · C756
2 months ago
I'm not very happy with this turn of events... View More
Renegade Immortal · C755
2 months ago
If Tu Sen is ever capable of using the power of an 8 star god (currently he said he can use only 5), then he will rape that guy. I'm pretty sure 8 stars is even stronger than a third step cultivator. View More

HighWorlds: 10%?! Just how strong is this guy? First Tu Sen, and now this dude. I wonder who will win if the two duke it out lol.

Renegade Immortal · C754
2 months ago
Hahaha this is amazing. The four families are seriously going to hate him. Too bad he couldn't join the Chen family. He could've had some backing and maybe even some peace. View More
Renegade Immortal · C752
2 months ago
I think it's probably a planet even the cultivation alliance can't do anything against...
It's weird that a planet that is above the cultivation alliance has a rank, but I don't see how else a third step cultivator would be there.
And I do remember them mentioning a planet of that sort earlier in the book.
Pretty sure it's like this because if there aren't any third step cultivators, I don't see much room between Rank 7 and Rank 9. View More

HighWorlds: Ooh that's interesting. So there IS Rank 9 planet on Alliance Star System, and as a comparison, Tian Yun where All Seer resides is rank 7. Does that mean there's a cultivator on the third step there? I mean it's likely already is on the rank 8,but rank 9 though... 🧐

Renegade Immortal · C750
2 months ago
Yeah, but once he breaks through the bottleneck, he will be able to increase its power quite easily I believe. Much easier than before at least. View More

Dextuary: Yeah and I wonder when he will try upgrading his own if ever. Though on second thought, it really was a troublesome thing grounding him in the same level 🤔

Renegade Immortal · C747
2 months ago
There was a hint of the Shi realm?
Also, yeah, I hope Wang Lin can actually break through the Ji Realm block at some time in this series... View More

HighWorlds: It's been too long indeed since we saw the Ji Realm, and this is the first time we see another Ji Realm cultivator besides Wang Lin, and perhaps due to how that guy is sealed in there, could it be that he's the one responsible for the destruction of rhe Celestial Realm? Also one more thing, back on the Demon Land where Wang Lin summoned the divine retribution for the second time and become Heaven Defying cultivator, there is a hint of the Shi Realm as well but it led nowhere since we entered this star system.

Renegade Immortal · C747
2 months ago
I think he might even get vengeful for that guy from the Giant Clan that he met in the Rain Celestial Realm. View More

HighWorlds: There's only few people in the entire world and universe that Wang Lin come to respect and considered as someone important to him. Situ Nan, Zhuo Yi, the Ancestor of the Soul Refining Sect that gave him the one billion souls flag, and finally Li Yuan. You simply don't mess with them or else!

Renegade Immortal · C740
2 months ago
I really really hope he saves Li Yuan and then ends up getting the Restriction Heart and the true inheritance of the Annihilation Restriction. View More
Renegade Immortal · C739
2 months ago
He didn't cultivate the Ancient God technique yet when he met Li Muwan.
It wasn't until after she began to like him that he went to the space of Ti Su's body View More

HighWorlds: Such a long chapter... holy **** we're finally back to his badass original body. Just so you know, Li Muwan fell in love with his original body, it just emitted so much aura of badass and alpha since it practices the way of Ancient God. And as we all know, out of the three from the Ancient Order, there's a hint that Ancient Gods stood on the apex compared to the Ancient Devils or Ancient Demons.

Renegade Immortal · C734
2 months ago
Hey lucky enough to accidentally use Dao Sight? View More

HighWorlds: And here he comes... how is Wang Lin gonna escape from a guy that is comparable to the Sword Saint Ling Tianhou and All Seer themselves?

Renegade Immortal · C727
2 months ago
Based on the heavens messenger I doubt the Ancient God's are extinct.
I have a strange feeling about all of this... View More

HighWorlds: I see that my suspicion from early chapters was true. The Celestial Realm fell because of one person, and that person is likely to be a Ji Realm cultivator which would explain why they explode one by one, and the mark left by a palm back on the Rain Celestial realm is also made by this guy. Then there's the hint of a legend in AllHeaven star system that there was once a guy in ancient time whom has the look/gaze of dao and made all the second step cultivators (Heaven Scryer, Cleansing and Shattering) trembled. And finally the missing or probably extinction of the Ancient Gods as well...

Renegade Immortal · C721
2 months ago
What is this sentence... ?? View More

drmalek2000: Although his novel is very good, there is not many now about it.

Renegade Immortal · C720
2 months ago
He will 100% get the Thunder Beast back. We still haven't learnt where that spec of golden light in the horn came from, so there is a sort of plot armour around it. The Thunder Beast will definitely come back to Wang Lin.
Also Wang Lin is the only one that can actually control the Chariot, so if the beast turns back into the Chariot it would become useless. View More

JPNovelFan: I’m sad that he lost the thunder beast. :’(

Renegade Immortal · C718
2 months ago
I feel like he is the person closest to the third step we have seen so far.
A shame that he stole Wang Lin's thunder beast though...
I really hope he does indeed return it soon enough. View More

HighWorlds: This old man gotta be much stronger than the All-Seer. It'd best to do what he wanted and perhaps seeking an enlightenment of some sort, or just plain out getting stronger by learning feom him or from a trade Wang Lin. Since it's just a matter of time now before Tu sen is released. Heck, he already sent his messenger to this star system,and it's someone Wang Lin knew amd met.

Renegade Immortal · C718
2 months ago
What... The blood ancestor was originally from here 😅
Oh man... Wang Lin is always in endless trouble no matter what he does... View More
Renegade Immortal · C713
2 months ago
Ish View More

Adrien_Castella: I can agree with that

Renegade Immortal · C711
2 months ago
I can agree with that View More

RKFox: The battle chapters are never very good but the more emotional and thought provoking arcs make it worth it imo

Renegade Immortal · C711
2 months ago
Hahahah maybe yeah, but this is still a pretty dangerous yet hilarious situation 😂
Oh man... What's Wang Lin gonna do :/
I kind of hope that based on the words of the man from the third step, as long as you have the correct insight anyone can master the Dao Sight. So maybe Wang Lin will actually learn it? (As in, before reaching the third step) View More

KillahNinjahhhh: I agree. He maybe lower in cultivation but not for long.

Renegade Immortal · C700
2 months ago
Hahahaha, great point View More

vidgen13: if you understood it, then you would have dao

Renegade Immortal · C695
2 months ago
Same.... Guess we don't need to be disappointed... View More

Chrissyx: That was unexpected. I thought 1000 years of gathering is lost.

Renegade Immortal · C694
2 months ago
Mhm, same View More

Aerovium: i am pissed he has to regather

Renegade Immortal · C693
2 months ago
Yup View More

HighWorlds: And it's finally completed. Only took over 650 chapters... boy that was long.

Renegade Immortal · C692
2 months ago
I kind of doubt it View More

Dextuary: I hope he fully absorbed the thunder dragon before forming his body

Renegade Immortal · C690
2 months ago
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