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LazyCutieBaby: Oh. It was a bit rushed to not to spoil much . But I'll be clear.

Around Ch 750 GJ send her to Seattle secretly to safeguard her from his grandfather. Apparently Grandfather goes against LC and wants to harm her. He threatens GJ and GJ has no choice but to send her away as she was pregnant .. He does clear the reasons too so there's no misunderstanding

In three years GJ works hard and overthrows his grandfather and takes all power in his hands. Making it safe for LC to return

But before he could go and apologie for his absence all these years. Their lil brat himself runs away from home and come to meet him

He demands him to divorce his mommy so that other uncles have a chance to become his daddy.
No wonder GJ gets angry 😂🤣

GJ is quite emotional and very happy. Keep asking where is LC. But lil brat is handful and cheeky like Lin Che

GJ keeps his son with him and LC has to come back following her son.

GJ stops her but she wants to go back with their son. She's very annoyed with him

Theirs a Yun girl who's sick and has powerful bg. GJ is helping for her cure. But she's smitten with him.

And there's a news that she is President's future wife

LC js very upset and don't wanna stay. At last she decides to stay in city after GJ apologies alot but lives separately.

Further this Yun girl and her father create trouble. After FL has gotten rid of Mo and Lu bitches.. this one is introduced. 😒

I hope it's more clear now.

The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C394
3 months ago
Yes, happy ending of course..a lot of new love stories between their friends and family...really interesting. She grew up as a buisness woman, they support each other unconditionally. The best novel for me View More

Daoist036882: Have u finished reading this novel

The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C394
3 months ago
1500! View More

boboswirls: How many chapters is this book

The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C394
3 months ago
No divorce, but she have To leave because of grandfather who believe she is the biggest weakness of Jingze. She is in danger, so he makes her leave to the USA. They all know she is pregnant (not by accident, they where looking for it) but Jingze needs to gain power to fight his grandpa and protect her and make her come back. Their son who is a genius leaves home with 3 years old and go find his daddy To ask for divorce so his mom will be free. She come back To find him and Jingze wont let her leave again. Of course, she is really angry at first cause he did not contact her in all this time...she forgive him quickly of course ;) View More

XXiao_SJie: Why he leave her after his first child born? For 3 years? Did they divorce within this period?

The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C394
3 months ago
He's gonna chase her and live in the same building till she forgive him! They wont divorce..the full story is beautifull. They are deeply in love and never separate (except for their first child birth...he have To leave her for 3 years...so sad but no other choice) View More
The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C394
3 months ago
Jingyu is so in love with her...i want to see Jingze jealous, but not enough to hurt Lin Che! She deserves the best...do you think Mo Huilin will come back pregnant and Lin Che will get closer to Jingyan? I think he will be sad with Lin Che but wont leave her cause he want To spend time with her. He will probably be furious with his brother and confront him, for her sake...update, update!!! View More
The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage · C386
4 months ago
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