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BatouOfNexus: Ves’ agony reminds me of how I felt after the first game I worked on where I had to code exploitive micro transactions into it back when they first started to show up in mobile games. I ended up leaving the game industry as a result and it isn’t even a crime to implement micro transactions and they were of a much more begin nature than the ones you see now days.

The Mech Touch · C759
1 month ago

The_Unprofessional: "So what is your speciality?" "I design Codpieces." Said Ves to the girls with a straight face.

The Mech Touch · C447
2 months ago

Koolpin: It’ll be funny if he hits superpublish and the System just removes the gimmick to improve the mech by 10%

The Mech Touch · C360
2 months ago

darkoneko: ...I can't blame the Seas Dragons dude.

The Mech Touch · C239
2 months ago

Sinfish: Yep, dead pilot is to blame for arming his cockpit with a weapon. Literally the point of that design decision is to force the enemy to choose between killing you and risking their own life.

The Mech Touch · C239
2 months ago

darkoneko: Not bothering to even learn your 10 employees' name is kinda...

The Mech Touch · C230
2 months ago

SillyThoughts: This entire bet is just making me hate Ves as a character...the idea he would put up his family, and that’s what lucky is family, on a bet for anything seems just god damn stupid. Competing against a core student of a master mech designer, one of the few people that might in fact know a thing or two about xfactor production and competing in comfort thanks to his own measly bottom ranked skill. It’s his speciality but as far as the systems concerned he’s still only scrapping the bottom of the barrel in his knowledge of metaphysics.

And putting up a family which is both your hunter,scavenger,bodyguard,supernatural gem producer and your logo/mascot of your company. Over a engine and pride. Totally equal bet, totally worth it, nothing wrong in the head with that concept.

I’m fine with him being silly with his money with the family interest but this , this is just him being a greed ass wipe that deserves pain in recompense. Karma should be a *****. But hopefully it won’t hit too soon as lucky doesn’t deserve that. Poor lucky.

The Mech Touch · C206
2 months ago

Mischief_Mat: There's some things you should just never bet. Lucky is one of those things. Pride, competitiveness, and a the handicaps he's being offered in the competition just shouldn't matter. Its the principal more than anything. Bad form Ves.

The Mech Touch · C204
2 months ago

Psechi: Why do so many complain endlessly about this story? It constantly stays focused on mech stuff... what's the problem? Mech battles, in a mech novel, by definition aren't filler unless nothing happens chapter to chapter.

The Mech Touch · C198
2 months ago

darkoneko: mechas requiring les logistics than tanks for maintenance ? I don't buy it.

The Mech Touch · C1
2 months ago

MonteDT: Def was confused for a sec when I saw the comment first button, just like to thank you guys for taking a break and letting a small nobody like me have a chance and an experience at 1st😁😎

The Favored Son of Heaven · C107
2 months ago

salihninja: ahh yes the immortal legacy of the god-shrimp.

Castle of Black Iron · C1834
2 months ago

ArtieTheGlow: Don't know why peeps be complaining, as for me I liked the chapter. Thanks for the translation.

Castle of Black Iron · C1615
2 months ago

Nicho: Maybe he’ll grow more of the plants he got from the sage demon knight.

Castle of Black Iron · C1465
2 months ago

lxkaizer: Im not exactly sure about this. But water money is basically the person wanting to buy a drink for the performer. But, the performer would instead want the momey instead of the drink. So the performer would ask the buyer to buy a non existant drink for them. The bar, most likely knowing as well, would then give the buyer some other drink like maybe water/cheaper alcohol for the buyer while keeping the buyers money. The bar would then split the money with the performer.

Castle of Black Iron · C1435
2 months ago

notDarkoneko: Oh, ZT read our comments and also felt it was stupid the dudes were doing suicide attacks with their plane.

Castle of Black Iron · C1385
2 months ago

RebeLyon: Cindertiella

Castle of Black Iron · C1376
2 months ago

WQL: Yup, friend, a bit change in the release frequency. I will translate about 7,000 characters a day, namely 3 chapters a day because I have to save some time to study expressions in case of poor quality~~

Castle of Black Iron · C1362
3 months ago

notDarkoneko: where is your courtesy noob **** gg

Castle of Black Iron · C1326
3 months ago

notDarkoneko: It's kinda unfair. There's no way the soil is equally fertile in all areas.

Castle of Black Iron · C1324
3 months ago

notDarkoneko: The moutain cave is 60 miles long ? really ?

Castle of Black Iron · C1289
3 months ago

GuraduGilgida: Heller: Hello, family bucket of 20 wings please! Send it to Castle of Black Iron.

Castle of Black Iron · C1285
3 months ago

notDarkoneko: Random thought. He definitly could use planes in this battlefield, but they don't have enough fuel from his home territory. They can have flying boats, how about making a flying plane carrier/refueler ?

Castle of Black Iron · C1280
3 months ago
The eleventh chopping rule about not meeting up in private tents seems really weird. View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1278
3 months ago

Drako_Shattersword: Yea honestly this sounds stupid and creates more problems in the family. But im not one of the great hua people so im just too stupid to understand

Castle of Black Iron · C1267
3 months ago
How could Momma Zhang feed her boys Pork which was earlier established as the cause of the Hua people's downfall? View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1266
3 months ago

notDarkoneko: The Zhang parents be like, "we wanna bang like crazy so you guys are in the way, y'know ?"

Castle of Black Iron · C1266
3 months ago

notDarkoneko: Oooooh it's the night of the Long Knives.

Castle of Black Iron · C1225
3 months ago

Azraiel6061: These so called “fillers” flesh out the story and move the plot along.
How exactly do you think the story should go? How would we know how thing happened? Things would just appear and we would have no idea why or how.

Castle of Black Iron · C1223
3 months ago

newageofpower: He hasn't announced he's the Slavic Messiah. To be honest, its smarter and safer not to give that backup plan away.

Also, this story's pseudo-China's culture seems to be based on 900-1100 AD Song dynasty China, which was pretty anti-independent women. Women could only do business if they were inheriting from dad/husband and were single/widowed.

Castle of Black Iron · C1213
3 months ago
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