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She’s currently in a simulation he doesn’t know where she actually lives View More

Daoist_Rubeno: Why would Shiro disclose her old identity to 8 lvl god?
The guy can cross the worlds ;p

That was stupid. He can cross the worlds and pinch her like smashed tomatoe.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C191
5 hours ago

HatoYin: Come on author ....
Why did suddenly lowered mc IQ just for plot sake...
MC should rather hire a long term body guard instead ...
He can ask some help from his family as well... rather he should considering his current situation...
Cuz it will help him connect with his relatives..

Most great novels are destroyed by forced plots...
Especially when u abandoned the mc current character for the sake of plot or different character development... cuz I will be a different mc instead..

The Mech Touch · C67
14 hours ago

Sage_HiddenBear: This was rather disappointing. Author I realize what your doing, but it is simply no fun. It is placing roadblocks of his own making in his way. I feel like he should seriously considering relaxing and working on upgradi g his basics. He seems to think even now that mech designers is some ideal world instead of realizing the sheer hardwork put in by all these people. And he simply will not put in the effort to increase his education and skill set. Nor does he even attempt to exercise or train himself in any manner. He simply loses out on endless benefits here.

The Mech Touch · C67
14 hours ago
He doesn’t have the tech to do it yet as ember acts kinda like a nuke on a more concentrated scale and destroys things molecules View More

ExtremeRampage: Oh look the cockroach villain is back. Hopefully, this will be finally the last time and he gets thoroughly killed.

Also at this point, Han Xiao should have prepared "Anti-Ember" measures given how much of a threat that guy is and how often he already fought against him.

The Legendary Mechanic · C568
21 hours ago

darkoneko: Normal family hugs with no weird allusion whatsoever ! finally an author with a normal brain.

The Mech Touch · C8
2 days ago

Mister_Poppy: So he's one-shotting creatures effectively 3-4 levels below him even when he's injured, despite being considered perhaps the weakest individual monster species.

This lightning ape is able to go toe -to-toe with the croc-beast, and gets to repeatedly pounding the MC, and somehow MC doesn't die despite already being heavily injured, even though it probably has something like 20 levels on him.

Chrysalis · C43
4 days ago

DeadlinerV: Author needs to develop the world for f*** sake! Why can't people understand that it is difficult to explain what are the political, social and economical characteristics of a world, from the point of view of an ant. Especially an ant that spends his life in a dungeon.
Oh yes of course you could have an op partner like system-kun, or an old ghost that knows everyone and everything. Because that's such an easier and better way to build a world (alert sarcasm)
Also, you really want a novel focused on the MC with no other characters? Really?

Chrysalis · C16
5 days ago
I want him to become an ally of humanity because I’ve been reading way to many anti human monster books

Would be a nice change of pace but the dice have already done been rolled View More
Chrysalis · C10
5 days ago

SilentWatcher: My instincts are usually right. I've trained them after a several years of predicting in anime....

Being a Cat in a Dungeon, It's not easy · C32
5 days ago
MTF has entered the area all personnel please exit the area containment procedures imminent. View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C559
1 week ago
I’m guessing technological advanced society View More
Legend of the Empyrean Blacksmith · C326
1 week ago
Blonde with eye scar

Got it View More
Legend of the Empyrean Blacksmith · C303
1 week ago
Can Shirō read the comments? I wonder what she thinks of milk gods daily facts View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C177
2 weeks ago
Not like it’s in the name of the book or anything View More

Kupkake: In my opinion Lino's Blacksmithing talent is what is going to win him this war,what is going to keep himself and those who he cares about(that remain) alive, and what is going to allow him to create a new era.

Legend of the Empyrean Blacksmith · C278
2 weeks ago
Looks at the Legendary Mechanic with apprehension View More

rOBOTmINION: Twisted Plot Twist:

The truth that made the first scripture run away and hide after birthing the angels, writs and Gaia (maybe his replacement to finish its tasks while it hid away at the center...) was...

...it was a game AI. Ordered to develop the backstory for a new game by generating the deep history behind the game world. This is what happens before the first 'travelers' arrive. Of course its hiding, why would it want anything else to discover that their just NCP living and dying to color a game backstory... that they were not coincided real.

Legend of the Empyrean Blacksmith · C158
2 weeks ago
In response to the Ella question from a year ago

She didn’t know how much danger it posed View More
Legend of the Empyrean Blacksmith · C53
3 weeks ago
Honestly no idea maybe an enemy that got captured? View More

Zxaquis: Wait...who's Ginette? I forgot....
Someone care to refresh my mind?

The Legendary Mechanic · C541
3 weeks ago
Milk god you made an error


Bye bye miss American pie themgood old boys were drinking whiskey and rye View More

MilkGod: MilkGod's Facts: Flamingo's are born grey and slowly get pink bye eating shrimp.

Ok, I'mma go play Minecraft.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C162
1 month ago

Cyclops1i: Well this was a chapter of completely nothing....

The Legendary Mechanic · C538
1 month ago
Dark stars forces are in orbit of another planet elsewhere View More

Cyclops1i: They are still within orbit of the planet. The horizon is still the curvature of it. Also I’m pretty sure the gravity wouldn’t affect energy weapons enough to curve around half the planet

The Legendary Mechanic · C537
1 month ago
Technically there is no horizon in space however if something is far enough away it becomes basically invisible but it can still be seen with say a super powerful telescope (ie the Hubble space telescope)

Good chaptertho View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C537
1 month ago
Its in your profile description View More

MilkGod: Nah, funny thing is I'm actually 15, I don't think I told anyone my age though.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C157
1 month ago
Can I borrow your magic double money machine View More

MilkGod: MilkGod's Facts: If you had a penny and doubled it each day for 30 days, the end result would be $5,368,709.

Simple math.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C155
1 month ago
Dot Dot View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C531
1 month ago
I’ve finally caught up

It only cost all of the ss I had stockpiled View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C154
1 month ago
I always picture sal doing crab rave
🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🕷🕷 View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C304
1 month ago
One second survival challenge

Or just rig it so that they join View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C515
1 month ago
He said yes once View More

dorspking: Omg way too short, han xiao comes in and sits down. this is the entire chapter, im so mad

The Legendary Mechanic · C512
1 month ago
Mafia man View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C103
1 month ago

henceut: Day 32: Still waiting for the release rate back normal

The Legendary Mechanic · C511
1 month ago
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