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Haha that's quite a progress, he was just a schoolgirl back at the cave 😂😂😂
#idiottransleatorllevel999 View More

Opportunist10001: After gaining 900+ super king spirit self geno points, he's become Snow White; all the animals love him.

Super Gene · C1019
1 month ago
What a piece of **** this MC is... View More

kuciangwaang: Usually, the mention of marrying will lead to death flag 🚩, but not for Han Sen

Super Gene · C1007
1 month ago
He can't have the fox anymore because ha now have to take care of a certain hazelnut and change its diapers 😂😂😂💩💩 View More

dao4mysoul: so an electric environment, anyone else remembering a certain little fox?

Super Gene · C1006
1 month ago
The MC turned into a slut schoolgirl, caring of some child, he doesn't know who it's father is.. And you're concerned about the angel (the adidas shoe, according to transleator) View More

readm: what ever happened to the angel

Super Gene · C1003
1 month ago
And then he will put the pole into his but and expand it and die from pleasure. End.

Thanks dude if it wasn't for you I'd be struggling reading this loophole it was becoming a real torture to read about him changing diapers of some random kid that appeared out of the blue, born from a hazelnut. 💩💩💩💩 View More

anggo: han sen will be traped with the mk king, and in the end he will kill the mk king, and gain 72 mystic art, after that, han sen will go to the bottom of the ocean and get legendary item, in a shape of pole, this pole can grow and shrink as han sen wish. after that han sen will go to the heaven(4 sanctuary) and make all the gods angry, until the budha come and trapped han sen in a mountain, where he will met a monk and begin his journy to the west. the end

Super Gene · C1002
1 month ago

SometimesITalk: Lately i've been seeing a few questions amongst my comments, so i thought that i could hit two birds with one stone. Give you guys a place to ask me questions, while at the same time, shamelessly give my own novel a 5 star review. So.. if you have questions, write them here! ^^

Sovereign of the Karmic System
1 month ago
Reading Status: C0
This is the dumbest webnovel ever, the author is an imbecile. Unbelievable he said he knows what the readers wants and then ignore them all and just grind for spirit stones with that crap that has a first grader grammar and writing skills.
Good luck reading. View More
The Mech Touch
1 month ago

Strv: The content has been deleted

The Mech Touch
1 month ago
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