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Original Works

  • Paragon's Fall

    Paragon's Fall

    Sci-fi ACTION SCI-FI Female Lead Villain MC Superhero AI Near Future mulitple lead characters Series

    Aegis used to take bullets like he took lattes - smooth and with a smile. With his invincible leadership, the growing group of gifted anomalies turned from a tool of humanity's powerful into the ones with that power. Naming himself and seven others Champion, Aegis and his many other Paragons took the world away from those who no longer deserved it, creating their own utopia. Decades later, that utopia is showing cracks. The Paragons struggle with the weight of the world, one that Aegis may be too old to bear. When new threats emerge from normals no longer willing to live without freedom, Aegis must decide whether to fate one last time to save the world he helped create. Paragon's Fall is an action-packed story exploring a different sort of superhero tale in a twisted, sci-fi spin on tomorrow's society. If you like fast-paced, character-driven novels, then you'll find this one a fun adventure. **This story will be told in a 2 chapters per week release schedule**

  • Starshot


    Sci-fi ACTION ADVENTURE Genetic Modifications Alien Space Opera Series Multiple Lead Characters

    I witnessed the beginning of our dreams. It crashed through the sky, a burning rock that lit up the world. Within that rock, I found the knowledge to bring my people into a wider universe. Within that rock, I found secrets that others would kill a thousand times to learn, to steal. And they are trying. The voice I found in that stone tells me, too, of a far off creature hunting it, a living weapon whose sole purpose is to silence my new companion. If we are to survive, I must bring humanity together and we must prepare, because when this creature arrives, it will stop at nothing to destroy me. Destroy all of us. I only hope I have the courage. 
 Starshot is a sci-fi adventure series that follows the dawn of a different humanity as it comes into contact with a wider, stranger universe. Good and evil blend into grays as sides form and come apart, where the only thing you can count is yourself, and sometimes not even that. 
 If you like strange worlds and stranger creatures, action-packed plots and galaxy-spanning escapades, give Starshot a chance and lose yourself in a new universe.


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