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Turns out Layan lied and the excuse he gave her was bull. He just wanted to get her back for all her continued sass so he dropped her there to freeze her ass off. View More
Star Wars: New Fate · C70
1 day ago
"I care about you and your wellbeing, so in order for you to be able to protect yourself I'm going to drop you into a frozen wasteland with only 4 days of food and pick you up in a month."

Lmao That is the most Layan thing ever. View More
Star Wars: New Fate · C68
4 days ago
Probably won't. But if by some miracle you talk to some girl about that and she responds back likewise... you gotta do EVERYTHING in your power to make that work. View More

seraph_killer: Hope it works for you and the other party don't get grossed out

My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C84
4 days ago
I love this. They both straight up admit to watching ****, the talk about their favorite genre and why it is. That's some next level ****. Gotta try that on my next date. View More
My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C84
5 days ago
Like based on the Egyptian god Seth? Are you sure you want others to get that image when he interacts with them. I mean was a bad mother trucker. Did some pretty terrible stuff. God of Chaos, War, Deserts and other assorted things that killed the Egyptians. Don't get me wrong, that's badass but....actually no, give him the name. It'll be epic. View More

heliumjax: Seth sounds good, God of what though?

6 days ago

REDLAW: Himiko

6 days ago
The only reason I can see Aiden doing this is if the song he was listening to was perfect for the moment. View More
My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C82
1 week ago

eric69: Kara Danvers for MC's love interest.

Reborn as the Flash's Twin Brother · C33
1 week ago
Ahhhhhh, they fought because they disturbed his farm plans. Understandable understandable. View More
True Assassin of Round Table · C15
1 week ago
Idk I always saw it as them having a general distaste for humans because of their weakness and their overall xenophobia. Like how we generally have a distaste for bratty children. They think their invincible and are super annoying, while we know you could punt them into next week. Same case for the beings of Nazaric. So I just kinda hoped when they met our good ol spooky boi Nash who is literally HALF SHADOW they'd accept some help. I mean it was Momonga's wish to find other players, and he's like god to them. View More

Roosemary: What do you expect from Nazarick, who almost all of its inhabitants hate humans.

True Assassin of Round Table · C14
1 week ago
Oh boi. I guess it was too much to hope that Camelot and Ainz Owl Gown could get along huh... I don't see Demiurge letting anything that could be a threat live. So one of them is gonna die. Unless.... If Nash shows up the they might actually be able to co-operate. But that's only if he can make it in time. View More
True Assassin of Round Table · C14
1 week ago
"I was betrayed. I tried to save her and she stabbed me when I let my guard down."

"It was because she was hot wasn't it."

"Well...... yah. It was because she was hot." View More
Star Wars: New Fate · C61
1 week ago
Wait didn't he say that she would have 5 trails? How come its 3 now. View More
Star Wars: New Fate · C58
2 weeks ago
So smooth, he saved a beautiful damsel in distress all the while doing his mission. Not to mention the whole handsome and badass thing going for him. View More
I am in Marvel · C30
2 weeks ago


An Oc in DC · C18
2 weeks ago
Gamer's Mimicry · C2
2 weeks ago
Damn son. That's sad. View More
Star Wars: New Fate · C55
3 weeks ago
Ha sorry m8, my brain makes these leaps of logic where it goes "what would be the funniest way to cuck this character" and when I thought of that one it was just too perfect to keep to myself. Genius is only genius if others recognize it after all, otherwise you're just crazy. Though I'm fine with that to. View More

MercyLeague: Stop ruining my future ideas!!

Reincarnated as a Dragon with a System in DanMachi?! · C0
3 weeks ago
Haha nice
Essence.... View More

MercyLeague: Easy, I can just to that when he gives them his... Essence...

Reincarnated as a Dragon with a System in DanMachi?! · C0
3 weeks ago
I can see him stealing Asuna then having the system be like "sorry m8 time to go back, btw Asuna cant be brought back with you"
That's gonna be totally hilarious, and you cant even say the system won't because that's 100% it's personality. View More
Reincarnated as a Dragon with a System in DanMachi?! · C0
3 weeks ago
Lol I love how Nie Lie is just like "what could possibly have changed to make him act differently?" Ignoring completely everything he's said and done. You went from being a naive kid who got taken pitty on in the original timeline to some supergramps perv who just so happens to know everything. That's a pretty big change there bud. View More
A Tale Of Demons and War Gods · C16
3 weeks ago
So how old is virgil? Like how old in actuality and how old does he look, cuz I know he spent a sh*t ton of time in those time compressed zones where inside is 1 year and outside is like 5 minutes. View More
Vergil in another world · C60
3 weeks ago

RikySmith123: Bring back caster later on pls

3 weeks ago
Lmao 'You're crazy"
"Just a little bit"
I love when they acknowledge that they aren't totally sane, even better when they acknowledge they're completely insane. View More
One Piece - Martialised · C83
3 weeks ago
Oof, ouch. You hit me right in the feels. I'm crying here. :) View More

NightHunter: You won't have anyone to use those love making skills onto. ;)

Star Wars: New Fate · C49
3 weeks ago
Layan: *Uses the mind reading technique to make a better fighter. And steal decades worth of fighting knowledge in just a couple mintues.*

Me if I had that technique: Lemme just steal all your special love-making techniques real quick, don't mind me. View More
Star Wars: New Fate · C49
3 weeks ago
So uhhhh, how old is Castor. Like it was never stated so I thought she was like late teens-ish but then he put her on his shoulders a few chapters ago. And I'm pretty sure that he's developing some feelings for her. So is it like a pedo thing or.... View More
3 weeks ago
You know from the way that he acts sometimes, I'm actually starting to believe that Layan is a sith. I mean he doesn't really do the whole brooding thing, but he's got the whole mega-*sshole part down. View More
Star Wars: New Fate · C47
4 weeks ago
That would be legitimately hilarious, there is just something about the image of everyone freaking out and trying to scale their wall with their gear and then you just see Eren causally walking up the wall without it. View More

Charmings1: What do you think of MC being able to walk on water or trees. NO he won’t be doing any jutsus like that, I just like the idea of Eren casually walking on walls.

Transmigrating into Attack on Titan · C16
4 weeks ago
Okay so he just turned Asia into a ******** gamer girl and now he's gonna tell her that his whole now is basically just one gaint game. She is gonna be so f*ckin jealous. View More
DxD: God of Gamers · C18
4 weeks ago
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