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Yes I've read it. I also reread this book yesterday. It took me 4 hrs. Lol I'm a super fast reader. Honestly I read 4 books today from Wattpad. I only work part time so my schedule allows it. I really don't want to be pushy, I truly can't imagine the stress it puts on a writer to have to continue a story. That's why I asked and was hoping it was finished somewhere. I'll wait patiently as long as you know I squeal inwardly whenever I see a new chapter. 😊👍 View More

KitKatxKK: A*** thank you I am sorry one chapter a day is not enough. Every Friday I put out 2. And I have to slow down to 5 chapters a week now cause I am, getting sick trying to keep the upload schedule and do my job too. But I am sorry there is no full book out yet. I am still in the process of writing this one. Have you read You Plus Me Equals. The first novel in the Statistically Significantly Series?

Tie Him To Me (Tie Him To Me The Series) · C70
1 week ago
We need another fluffy chapter. Also, is this posted anywhere in full of we pay for it? I've read twice now but a chapter a day is rough when the story is so amazing. I'd totally pay for it. View More
Tie Him To Me (Tie Him To Me The Series) · C70
1 week ago
Reading Status: C50
Holy crap. Just when you think you can't be any more surprised, bam!!!! Another awesome chapter!!! Leaves you tingling and grinning and heart racing right along with the characters. Squee!!! 🤪👍 View More
Tie Him To Me (Tie Him To Me The Series)
3 weeks ago
This has been my favorite chapter so far. So so sweet. View More
Tie Him To Me (Tie Him To Me The Series) · C34
3 weeks ago
I just have to ask, is this Saint character THE Saint from Thailand because if so, I can picture him. Too me he was much better as seme than uke. No? View More
Tie Him To Me (Tie Him To Me The Series) · C14
3 weeks ago
I really loved that but it can't stop there. We have to know more about what happens with all of them. Please???!!!! View More
You Plus Me Equals · C66
4 weeks ago
No need to ever apologize for longer chapters. 👍 View More
You Plus Me Equals · C11
4 weeks ago
No idea when you wrote this but happy birthday! Hopefully Max won't be upset over finding that key but I'm thinking he is going to read that journal of Leo's and learn a thing or two and fall even harder for the strong, water toting young man. View More
You Plus Me Equals · C6
4 weeks ago
Aww so cute! I started this story because we both share the same nickname but I'm really pleasantly surprised at such a fluffy story so far. 👍🤩 View More
You Plus Me Equals · C5
4 weeks ago
Well that ended that. Stupid asshole Jayden. He threw away the best parts of his world. View More
Hidden Omega · C124
4 weeks ago
Unless Jayden completely changes I would say Asher or no one. View More
Hidden Omega · C122
1 month ago
Will gives in way too quickly and Jayden seems to only want to go to bed. I have a feeling will will get screwed in the end and not in a good way. View More
Hidden Omega · C119
1 month ago
Sure! You write some of the best scenes I've ever read. I can follow the descriptions in my head and they make sense. They aren't cheesy and you do a good job of making the reader excited as well. View More
Hidden Omega · C102
1 month ago
I really like your writing. This story in particular is one of my faves. I can't wait to read more View More
Kissing Men · C48
1 month ago
Well I absolutely loved that story!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍🤩🤩🤩 View More
Kissing Men · C30
1 month ago
Honestly I read mostly in silence unless something yourself grand me. I don't know if you can see if you are being read but if I read silently it's because I read fast and I really like it. So 👍, I really really like this story. I'm constantly in worry that something will go sideways but it's really a great story and I like your writing style. View More
Kissing Men · C21
1 month ago

lesson101: Thank you so much for your review. Glad you liked my book.

Doted by the Alpha
1 month ago
I really don't like Austin or trust him. It almost seems like he may try to insert himself into this arrangement. Also, he talks too much with no real proof that it's not all talk. Jared and Darnell seem to be fine all on their own. Hopefully they have some real discussions and not just with their"friends". View More
Kissing Men · C5
1 month ago
Reading Status: C96
This is a really good story! I really like the main characters and sorry development. I've been sick so I've been able to read nearly all 100 chapters in one full day. It's definitely kept my interest so much that I even stayed off social media to continue reading. View More
Doted by the Alpha
1 month ago
I want to vote but don't have enough points yet since I'm super new to this site. I wanted you to know however that you are a really good writer and I really like this story a lot so far. I also am super into anything Asian so I love that that element is in here. View More
Doted by the Alpha · C9
1 month ago
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