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AwronZizao: Yeah, Shizuri is 100% the most annoying character right now. Also, why didn't the MC just deal with Abaddon without dying in the first place?

I dunno, this arc just became annoying cause of forced plot to make the MC vulnerable to an annoying stupid ass undead fox.

I'll still read it, but from my own point of view the story has hit a low point. I hope this won't last long. Just my own opinion though, obviously.

What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C75
1 month ago
Wait, if they didn't bully the weak, then how came their member literally just trying to bully the MC, think he is weak. Does that mean what the leader said bull****? or because those member are indeed the bad ones? View More
Fourth Prince's Debauchery · C81
1 month ago
Hello Mr. Editor, would you be so kind to add some kind of sign when the scene change?
Like using ------------ or ************, trust me, it's not that hard to do. View More
My Wife, The Ice Queen President · C10
1 month ago
Well, more like he don't care about his women. I mean, he even let his women do the servant. And yeah, it's not my culture, so yeah, he's "pathetic" for me. Oh, and btw I already know that he's not the MC, so yeah. View More

CamilleBC: Sure, but it's not you. It's not your culture, you have no clue why he would do that. It's probably a way to show his dominance, or maybe he likes being watched. I find it weird that you consider it "pathetic".

Sex Genie: Pleasing My Master · C4
5 months ago

MJAgo: The content has been deleted

The Perverted Evil Cultivator
6 months ago
Come on, bro. You can't expect everyone to be like that. Sigh, you know what, this is pointless, this discussion wouldn't even change the story in the end. View More

darkimortal: ...Not really, most humans want the Best of the Best! Whats truly wrong with being handsome or beautiful (or wanting someone that's beautiful or handsome -that also have a great personality-)

Naruto: The Game of Life · C1
6 months ago
Reading Status: C0
I don't know if I can write it here or not but, what the frick happened with Lust Fantasy? Did you drop it? I haven't seen the latest chapter so I didn't know anything. View More
You Lost The Game
6 months ago
Don't you think it's also kinda hypocritical if you think woman only want's handsome guy? View More

darkimortal: It would be awesome, but like i said looks attract. Also what would you personally want in a lover you'd at least want them to be above average in looks otherwise take for example of the guys that want a harem do they get a harem of average looking women
with great personality's or do they go for girls with great looks but crap personality like spoiled little princesses (sigh I lost where i was going with that, probably about how what your saying is kinda hypocritical because harem protag's want hot chicks and you want the MC to look average so the girls don't get eye candy like the guy does)

Naruto: The Game of Life · C1
6 months ago
Don't you think it would more awesome if the girl know that he's not handsome but still want to be with him? If he choose to be handsome, I would probably drop the novel, cause I know most of the girl choose him cause he's handsome. View More

darkimortal: Does he really want a harem? I don't think he really thought that far on how to get one if he wants to keep his looks (considering he said he doesn't think he's handsome). Looks are what get you in the door, and what's this BS about clan responsibility he could just choose an extinct clan (like a clan from the time before the hidden villages) and it would help him if he really wanted a harem.

Naruto: The Game of Life · C1
6 months ago
I just hope this doesn't become like,
"Ah, father is back?! let's all go fricking shall we?" And then they have a group fricking. Done.
...Really, I would click that "IN LIBRARY" button if that happens.

Honestly though, I really want to know how the Author would plan the romance between MC and her mother. I mean, his father have the possibility to be alive, so... View More
· C26
6 months ago
But, he has other options, right? Patreon? I mean, look just how many fans he has before, I really doubt most of them wouldn't want to help the author with the financial problem. View More

ShadowResis: Maybe:

Hey, if you didn't read the previous chapter's author's note, I said that I was dealing with things IRL and that the release would be slow for a while.

That 'thing' was that I had decided to quit my job due to reasons and I am now looking for a new one, and I have two choices now.

The first choice is I go find a new job(obviously), but that will require me to put this novel on hold/hiatus for until I find that job and settle down, which may take weeks, even months. But the novel is at a good part, and I am now used to writing at a comfortable pace, so I don't want to put it on hiatus for god-knows-how-long.

This leaves me with my second choice, which... well, to be honest, I don't know how I feel about it. This choice is basically I sign a contract with Webnovel and hope I can make writing this novel my job.

Here are a few pros/cons for these choices.

First choice: Indefinite Hiatus


1. If everything goes right, I will return and continue updating.

2. The novel will remain free to read.


1. I may have to drop this novel and focus on my new job for a long time.

Second choice: Join Webnovel


1. More than 1 chapter a day

2. Almost guaranteed that the novel will be finished with over 500,000 words (500 chapters)

3. The mature content will remain. WN said they will not censor my work.


2. This novel will be premium in the near future.

The pros/cons are based on your(readers) perspective, not mine. I am letting you guys know because I feel that you should be aware of the future for this novel. Sorry for the bad news, but life's a ***** and there are times when you can only suck it up and continue living. I hope you can understand the situation and not go crazy.

I will be back in a few days to announce my choice. Oh, your comment may or may not influence my choice. There may be other choices but I am too dumb to see it, so feel free to express your opinions.

Dual Cultivation · C191
6 months ago
Same, that's what I feel too. I wouldn't be surprised if he show up and say "Hello, I'm Bai Siwa this whole time."

Also, try look the author profile picture, it literally show how much he care about the comments. View More

Rikeri: He is following down the path of one of his most infamous predicessors, Bai Siwa, and showing the readers his lack of standards in the face of 💰. Wouldn't be surprised if this is just an alt account tbh. They both feel very similar...

Dual Cultivation · C191
6 months ago

Rikeri: He is following down the path of one of his most infamous predicessors, Bai Siwa, and showing the readers his lack of standards in the face of 💰. Wouldn't be surprised if this is just an alt account tbh. They both feel very similar...

Dual Cultivation · C191
6 months ago
Sigh, look like I need to read the previous chapter. It's been a while. View More
God of all System · C28
6 months ago

nighttime123: Pills are not 100% effective though. 🤔

The Sex Beast System (The World Of Systems) · C18
7 months ago
Thanks. You just made me remember the most hateful anime I have ever watch. View More
Illimitable Fantasy Works · C1
7 months ago
Finally, huh. View More
· C13
7 months ago

Crimson_King: I am really FURIOUS at my self for finding and reading this novel just after a month of its birth/creation.

I read the first half of this novel yesterday and the second half today and I have to say, I enjoyed every minute of it. This novel easily became one of the best I’m currently keeping up with and reading. It’s easily the best novel with sexual content I’ve read so far, not counting all the few other novels I have in my library with sexual content but haven’t actually gotten to read yet.

I see great potential for this novel and the plot of the story. It could easily become one of my top 5 favorites novels read on here of all times. As long as the story and plot are done well.

The only complaint I have is that the MC seems to be extremely clueless and doesn’t really think of the future and future consequences very much which is annoying to me but can be easily fixed by giving him more life experience or simply having him sit down and study. By study I mean to learn as much as he can about his situation, the world of those who are awakened and just anything that could be useful in the future and potentially save his life from future harm like martial arts/self defense.
Another complaint I have is that even though his parents were ranked 2 awakened and became ranked 3 awakened they never had the MC practice martial arts or self defense. Even if he wasn’t awakened like his sister, in my opinion it’s still something that should of been taken care of by them. After all there was always the chance that eventually he would awaken. And even if he didn’t become an Awakened there’s nothing wrong with knowing how to fight and defend yourself from harm.

In the end this all leads to my biggest problem. I’m caught up to the story!!!!
I want more chapters, being released faster. Of course I know me just saying that isn’t going to motivate the Author to write any faster. However what can a guy do, at this point I can only blame the Author for not having more chapters and myself for finding this Novel yesterday and not 5 months from now when hopefully there would have been well over 250 chapters. If the Author was able keep up the same pace he had during this initial month.

In the end, Author I want you to know that I’m really enjoying this story and hope for the future continuation and success of this Novel. As well as frequent and faster updates. But that’s just me being greedy.
Good luck!

-Crimson King

The Lust System · C51
7 months ago
Indeed, very rare person. View More
Sex Genie: Pleasing My Master · C244
7 months ago
I feel like the MC should just go with Abby too. I mean, Grace didn't mind right? I didn't mean that he should just go to her, and bam f*** her or something, no, I mean that there's should be some way for them to be together. Just my opinion :) View More
Sex Genie: Pleasing My Master · C241
7 months ago

InsanelyParanoid: Brother Atlndo, I fucking love your comments hahah! Made my day~~

Between The Worlds · C19
7 months ago
Oh, thanks. And I fu*king hate the MC!! View More

InsanelyParanoid: Brother Atlndo, I fucking love your comments hahah! Made my day~~

Between The Worlds · C19
7 months ago
I'm so excited to see when the MC have so much money, and he get in front of strong people who don't care about money.
I can't wait to see what would happen at that time :) View More
Between The Worlds · C19
7 months ago
You know what author, all of this things that happens, that I hate from the bottom of my heart, is something that I can be fine with, but the chapter... the chapter need to be faster to come out, or this hateful feeling for the MC can't be calm down. View More
Between The Worlds · C19
7 months ago
I really hate it, when he think that all the things that happens to him as a misfortunes. I mean, indeed, some of it is, like when he fall from the sky, and become a snake man, but some of the-NO, many of them are because of his OWN doing.
Again, our MC, really have a pathetic mind. View More
Between The Worlds · C18
7 months ago
No no no, it's different, different.
It's normal, if his mother act like that, as some women do have weak heart, but he's a man, he shouldn't be too pathetic, except only if his father is pathetic too. View More
Between The Worlds · C17
7 months ago
Sigh, can money protect you from getting beaten up? Maybe you can pay some of them, so they stop, but not all of them would. Sigh, He really pathetic to the root, huh. Look like, it would be hard to change. View More
Between The Worlds · C16
7 months ago
Tch, pathetic as always huh. And here I thought he would be, at least a little "better". View More
Between The Worlds · C15
7 months ago
Yes, you are. View More
Between The Worlds · C14
7 months ago
Oh, can we finally see the MC development? View More
Between The Worlds · C14
7 months ago
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