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Jesus... so lame View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1879
4 weeks ago
Wait so you release the unedited, kinda messed up version here? But then you upload the solid version for your patrons? View More
Legacy: Lord Alba · C204
3 months ago
His wives are so dumb it’s stifling. They can offer no help but give him obstacles. Just kill yourselves View More
Reaper of the Martial World · C541
4 months ago
This guy is a god, a spartan god, cuz holy cow!! It’s tough real tough View More
A World Worth Protecting · C62
5 months ago
I have not laughed so much in a long time. Especially because of a book View More
A World Worth Protecting · C21
5 months ago
The doctor is Abyss View More
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1112
6 months ago
He ain’t ready. His wife surrounded by enemies. Haha View More
Stealing the Heavens · C781
6 months ago
Howe’s you like the filler? Not to your liking? View More

Kalgar: still so confused

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1077
6 months ago
Because he did not leave them because he was dealing with a bio chemical agent trying to control his mind. Who would listen to him... View More

Juneberry: Why does it feel like Li Yao is about to make an enemy out of the Federation...?

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1064
6 months ago
Yawn View More
Heidi and the Lord · C10
6 months ago
I thought these people were smart. Seems to me like the humans are thinking and acting like dumb teenagers. Why compromise... just get on with the hard part and run and build up strength View More
Swallowed Star · C1304
7 months ago
Holy freak!! View More
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1056
7 months ago
This guy acting real dumb right now. View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1495
7 months ago
Da heck! View More
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1046
7 months ago
This is something else. These people don’t gaurs their own territory? Anyone can just hire some whaterevr there called and it’s ok? View More
Technomancer: Genesis · C132
7 months ago
Sigh. He really cares about fandoms? View More
Lord Xue Ying · C790
7 months ago
Of course this is a good thing not a bad one. It’s a new power up, that needs a helll of a lot of energy to power up for the 1st time. View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1459
7 months ago
This chapter is important b/c these fools are so wrong. The guy is playing these dues like a fiddle. You think he don’t know what his son is up 2? View More

uhhuh: Felt like this chapter was unnecessary... but maybe it does prove it's worth later on.

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C1022
7 months ago
Lol our mc is so damn dumb... he really thinks it’s a dead girl? Really in the top cultivation school? He is either brain dead or just like touching the opposite ***. He is gross View More

do0kie: He didnt do anything wrong tho. Just an annoying ***** who thinks the world revolts around her

The Legend of Futian · C589
7 months ago
1st off learn to read. I said I hate the author, not the book. Good job View More

LilithRaven: so you like to read books that you “hate”??? do you have an problem with emotions?

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C234
7 months ago
Our Mc real dumb sometimes View More
The Legend of Futian · C588
7 months ago
My baby View More
Stealing the Heavens · C753
7 months ago
Jesus. Harem sounds good and all but god dang!!!!!!!! View More
Castle of Black Iron · C1441
7 months ago
This story sometimes I tell ya View More
Stealing the Heavens · C748
8 months ago
Help yourself View More

Apex_Cultivator: So many comments with rape vibes. Stop it, get some help.

Dual Cultivation · C104
8 months ago
Nice View More
Dual Cultivation · C104
8 months ago
What a chapter View More
Legend of Ling Tian · C614
8 months ago
Love it View More

alex183: Exl

Legend of Ling Tian · C614
8 months ago
Like what?? View More
Technomancer: Genesis · C108
8 months ago
Arrogance is overrated. He only lives because of plot armor or he’d be dead 💯 View More
Reaper of the Martial World · C118
8 months ago
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