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Pound for pound, humans are weaker than primates. Only superior intelligence and opposable thumbs enabled humans to survive. It would be reasonable for humans in a magic world to have some sort of advantage in order to survive. View More

Kupkake: Are there any advantages to being able to become human other than opposite thumbs and the ability to trade with humans?
Of course he can use more human like weaponry along with being able to make things with his hands if he wanted to. Maybe because he has a human form he can get a class along with his race or maybe he will be able to use more types of magic in his different forms,depending on the form.

Being a Cat in a Dungeon, It's not easy · C39
1 hour ago
Kill them with cuteness! 😄 Just don't get kidnapped by strange oneesans (or worse, oniisans). 😅 The tail should go, shouldn't it? It serves no purpose in anthromorphic form, unlike the cat ears which supplement the human ears. View More
Being a Cat in a Dungeon, It's not easy · C39
3 hours ago
It's merciful because Uncle Zhong wasn't crippled. The Devil Coach is going to be a cripple for a while (full body cast and traction) because he tried to strike his vitals to maim him. He could have done far worse. View More

EBUYOUNGC: Quite brutal, why is the man merciful eh ?

The Man from Hell · C48
4 hours ago
"Fab Five Freddy told me everybody's fly
DJ spinning I said "My My"
Flash is fast, Flash is cool
François c'est pas, Flash ain't no dude
And you don't stop, sure shot
Go out to the parking lot
And you get in your car and drive real far
And you drive all night and then you see a light
And it comes right down and it lands on the ground
And out comes the man from Mars
And you try to run but he's got a gun
And he shoots you dead and he eats your head
And then you're in the man from Mars
You go out at night eating cars
You eat Cadillacs, Lincolns too
Mercurys and Subaru
And you don't stop, you keep on eating cars
Then when there's no more cars you go out at night
And eat up bars where the people meet
Face to face, dance cheek to cheek
One to one, man to man
And toe to toe, don't move too slow
Cause the man from Mars is through with cars
He's eating bars, yeah wall to wall
Door to door, hall to hall
He's gonna eat 'em all
Rapture, be pure, take a tour
Through the sewer, don't strain your brain
Paint a train, you'll be singing in the rain
Said don't stop to the punk rock"
--Blondie, "Rapture". View More

garofanboy: Lol

The Man from Hell · C47
5 hours ago
At some point in time, people will finally realize that he was honest when he said that he's a demon. 😋 View More
The Man from Hell · C47
5 hours ago
Dongpo pork.... 🤤🤤🤤 View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C598
5 hours ago
He didn't really avoid the other major contenders, but neither did they gift him a cadaver. 😅 View More

urbanscrappy: I wasn't convinced before, but I am now. It's game over and Tian Qi has won. She's the only one he never turns down or finds excuses to avoid.

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C598
5 hours ago
Is it coincidence that Tian Qi called when he was getting cornered by the patient's mother? It seems that her intel network is still on its toes. View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C597
21 hours ago
In other words, casual reading material and not to be taken seriously. View More

DaoOfTheLonely: Honestly, some of Ye Feng's lines are very clever. The novel itself comes off as one continuous cliche, but it isn't written by an idiot.
That being said, the novel still isn't well written. It's best read with the intention to calm down and relax.

The Man from Hell · C46
1 day ago
"We can rebuild him; we have the technology." View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C596
1 day ago
LOL at the Chinese football (soccer) jokes. View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C595
1 day ago
🎉 View More
Path of Medicine With a System · C111
2 days ago
See, that's your problem; you think there's a plot. It's a B novel. Revel in how bad it is! 😀😀😀 View More

Kookie01: Honestly speaking I have a mix feeling about this story. I like the plot but I kind of feel off.

The Man from Hell · C44
2 days ago
Your supercar gets owned by a passenger van. Yes, you'll want to kill yourself. View More
The Man from Hell · C29
2 days ago
Ah, that's true! I forgot about that. 🤦 But he said "unclean", so I was thinking about Buddhist beliefs. 🤷 View More

Hnn17: Its chinese b elief s: daoists thinks that a black dogs blood can drive away ghosts and evil spirits. Old man prob got some spirits haunting him and the yin gas is turning his skin spotty and gives him nightmares so he screams at night.

The important thing is that only mc can cure him and it'll cost a million dollars. If no 1 mil then author cant write the cliche auction scene next.

The Man from Hell · C23
2 days ago
Would you feel better if it was the blood of chickens or prison inmates (not a difficult proposition in China)? Plus, he never said to kill them, just take some blood. Yes, it would probably be easier to fill a small bathtub with blood if they did, but that would be their choice. View More

lolygaging: as a dog lover, i gotta say, **** you chinese, **** you author. shame on you for killing innocent dogs for a nonsense cure

The Man from Hell · C23
2 days ago
Definitely, a bad B novel. ...This is so bad... it's good. View More
The Man from Hell · C17
2 days ago
And charging 10,000 yuan for the privilege. 😁 View More

CallMeDielmar: It's like that study with a couple of critics evaluating a painting and everyone said how great the painting was except one guy who said that it looks like it was drawn by a monkey, which it was indeed drawn by a monkey

The Man from Hell · C17
2 days ago
It's like a B movie that's so bad that it's good, like a hot hamburger that leaves grease stains in the paper bag that it came in. (None of those franchise burger joints.) View More

BedlessSleeper: This is such a terrible story holy crap,I can't believe I read all of this. But for some reason, I'm still interested in what happens next? Did Ye Fang put a spell on me!?!?!

The Man from Hell · C12
2 days ago
He probably meant microliter, not milliliter. A microliter is .000001 and 5 microliters is actually about right for a mosquito. 🤔 View More

Carver: 5ml from a mosquito?! Having trouble suspending my belief here.

The Man from Hell · C11
2 days ago
It's China. An entire river dying off has happened several times. Who knew that it was due to demonic cultivators, not toxic waste like reporters claimed? 🤔 View More

Hnn17: Author doesnt realise how bad it is for all fish in 3 rivers to die at the same time. Its not something you casually brush aside. In 3 days its gonna stinks and all the villages or city around those rivers will have no water to drink. 3 rivers with a few tonnes of dead rotting fish is a big problem.

The Man from Hell · C7
2 days ago
Particularly since Qing dynasty lasted from 1644 to 1912. Since she grew up in a noble family and saw the fall of the Qing dynasty, she was probably born before the start of the 20th century, at least some four or five generations before the protagonist. Another point is that she was sacrificed to become a war spirit before she was of traditional age for marriage in noble society. This means that she was probably just an aunt, then grandaunt, and so forth. View More

FortunateSpy5: Even if they are actually related by blood, after so many generations they can't be said to be really related. Common DNA would be almost zero.

So I Am A Demon Descendent! · C15
2 days ago
Of course. How else is the CPC going to keep in power, other than by villainizing its political opponents and whitewashing it's crimes? From the truth that Chiang Kai-shek's KMT were the main force that fought the Imperial Japanese forces, to the mass crimes of Mao's "Great Leap" and the "Cultural Revolution", to the violent suppression of protestors and massacre of "May 35". Suppression of the truth isn't easy, you know. Or maybe it is, which is why China is in the state that it's in. View More

AlphaDark5005: I heard that China is actively censoring and altering their own history.

Seized by the System · C300
2 days ago
Ball games and e-sports seem like good focuses. View More

Dwarkin: Yeah, at least ping pong! It is very good for weight loss, and traditional sport for China with many powerhouses in every city

My Extraordinary Achievements · C137
2 days ago
That would be a bad thing in almost every sport, not to mention the problems it has already cause. Having friends, family, or your girlfriend forget about you is just asking for it. View More

Vampfan1: If his Validation makes it more likely that something will head towards him then would his Hat make it more likely that things won't?

My Extraordinary Achievements · C137
2 days ago
Moreover there's a difference between swimming in calm waters vs turbulent or fast moving waters. Many "strong swimmers" die in surging waters in modern times. View More

Axcart: No wonder does guys allways drown, nobody new how to freeken swim

A Time Traveller's Guide to Feudal Japan · C15
3 days ago
To solicit for a volunteer editor, post requests in comments, in the Webnovel forum, and in writing forums, such as Novelupdates. View More

AlexzY: If I have plans for the kitten [Mina] and Alex will get his humanoid form at some point but it won't be his main form, he will always be the feline form [Tiny or Big].

Being a Cat in a Dungeon, It's not easy · C37
3 days ago
Was it regulation basketball? View More

DesertRat: While I agree he was brought in as a ringer..... but why not use him??

No one else, not one single person, in the ENTIRE school saw his stream or heard about his shooting contest win, not a single one, so he is a secret weapon?!??!!


Also, from the descriptions of his fellow students at the sports meet, ---5 of them could play 40 minutes of basketball without any substitutes😲😲

My Extraordinary Achievements · C135
3 days ago
😁 That or simply a pre-existing condition made worse by anxiety over the injury. View More

shelwyn: Did her heart fail upon seeing the medical bill?

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C590
4 days ago
The writer needs to research more if he's going to write something even semi-historical. At that time, merchants and artisans (e.g. potters and linen makers) are at the bottom rungs of society, with artisans below farmers and merchants/traders below artisans. They are only above the outcasts (eta and hinin). It's not until the Tokugawa shogunate that the merchant situation improved.

This was because the samurai and daimyo became restricted by the shogunate and effectively trapped by fixed land incomes (they could not increase their holdings) and open-ended expenses in the capital. Merchants and artisans _in_bakufu_cities_ prospered as a result of the curtailment of the warrior class and the nobility, but were still subject to the whims of the central government who charged fees and generally denied attempts by merchants and moneylenders to collect on debts owed by nobles and samurai.

The farmers, including peasants, were similarly trapped, but because the shogunate had to ensure sufficient agricultural production, their income also increased, though few actually became wealthy. This was because the daimyo and samurai were being curtailed militarily.

The land still belonged to the lord of the province; and the taxes were accordingly a form of rent/rice tax paid to the daimyo (ultimate landlord). The proportion of the crops paid in the form of rent or taxes varied with the customs of each province or with the whims of the feudal lord--though by the Meiji restoration even this right was taken away and taxation became fixed. The central government/shogunate received a percentage of what the daimyo collected and thus curtailed daimyo income. View More
A Time Traveller's Guide to Feudal Japan · C9
4 days ago
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