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See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
The Hitting Zone · C322
3 weeks ago
All is Fair in Love and War, and in assassination missions!

Really liked your sex scenes. On the one hand thinking it was just right amount of information and on the other hand wanting more, but maybe looking for **** should happen somewhere else. View More
New Life : A Second Chance · C209
2 months ago
Kyle doesn't need to learn how to act. He is already rocking it. Cold as Ice, Hot and sexy, (evil) mastermind, popular student or brilliant office worker, witch version would you like director? View More
New Life : A Second Chance · C190
2 months ago
Small arc first, please, before Hogwarts. Not getting too long. Stories are almost always better when they are longer. View More
Reincarnation: Draco Malfoy · C29
2 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
The Hitting Zone · C269
2 months ago
First love ❤️ Butterflies in stomach. I don't think I'm old, but feels like long time ago.

Kyle gives bi vibes. I'm alright witch way he turns out or stays in middle and finds himself with girl- and boyfriend. (Only asking author to give good explanationg if if he ends up with two people.) View More
New Life : A Second Chance · C170
3 months ago
Reading Status: C6
Story starts with big plot holes.
MC don't have regrets when he dies, next he is back in time thinking let's do better with system.
Super intelligent MC starts by asking idiotic questions about system abilities. System gives unintelligent answers and intelligent host is happy with them.
System gives lot of packs to MC, but he is not interested what he got.
Poor family has laptop for child to play.
MC has about normal strength and health, but after passing out without real reason he becomes extremely weak.
Intelligent MC doesn't examine every possible way to level up before using money that he somehow have even if his family is poor.
Poor family have money to call doctor to house visit. View More
The Life Hacker System
3 months ago
Please don't actually kill Kylie! (in Kyle's future time line) Could Kyle scoop in and save her at last minute? That way his memories about her life would be same, but then Kylie would not need to die and leave her babies alone.
About there being same 'soul' in two places at same time, it's already happening right now, so same situation continuing would not be so big situation, would be?
(This was probably already at least one option for future of book, but just saying it in case it wasn't) View More
New Life : A Second Chance · C162
3 months ago
Now I want to eat cookies. But I don't have any at home. View More
The Hitting Zone · C263
3 months ago
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