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Thus Lucien became a Time Lord. View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C605
1 week ago

Scythe244: New meaning to the phrase farming for armor lol.

Reincarnator · C433
2 weeks ago

EastWest: And it shall be an artist of epic proportions. A DeviANT Artist, so to speak. xD

Chrysalis · C341
2 weeks ago

Faruel: Another dead story i will be back either when this story ends or this privilege BS is gone. Sorry translator but i refuse to support this scummy practice that lets pirates read first and morons post spoilers to show off.

Throne of Magical Arcana · C574
1 month ago

xcares: He should look like a strobe light show when using fire magic.
A beacon in the shadow strata. A glaringly bright bait XD

Chrysalis · C438
1 month ago
No, no, Black Hole pseudonym is reserved for a female knight xD View More

Sweet_Tea: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu yyeeeeeaaahhhhhhhhhh a black hole spell i called it if he was a knight i would get him to turn it into a black hole punch😂

Throne of Magical Arcana · C570
1 month ago
"The last six years I was an invalid (...)"
Few chapters ago he mentioned that it was eight years. View More
Hardcore: Qi Worlds · C12
1 month ago
Didn't just starting to write paper about gravity already created a thunderstorm? :D View More

Singularity21: Exactly. I do t know how an idiot like Helen became a grand arcanist and legendary sorceror. She’s just so stupid risking the lives of every sorceror for something as childish as curiosity when lives and the congress itself is at stake.
Although I think Lucien’s paper is gonna create a storm.

Throne of Magical Arcana · C569
1 month ago

MarKhaRi: Funny thing is that it really looks that way. I think their god is just a high level being from the world of souls and tries to control the dimension through the religion that he himself established.

Throne of Magical Arcana · C568
1 month ago

pfoley: I've rolled my eyes at similar things in anime. 'That mortal wound barely scratched me' or 'you think such a death could kill me?' sort of dialogue.

Throne of Magical Arcana · C568
1 month ago
"such a metod (...) would be very fatal"
Now imagine hierarchy of 'fatalness':
- very fatal
- mediocre fatal
- slightly fatal (you don't even need to worry with this one!)
LoL, just LoL :) View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C568
1 month ago

MonitorShotput: Lol, you gotta love how Douglas just told the Pope that his god was a petty douche to his face, and the pope basically just rudely slammed the door shut on his way out.

Throne of Magical Arcana · C568
1 month ago

TheMushroomLord: I'm interested to see how it's going to play out between the Legion and the Colony. If they do go to war I doubt it'll be straight away, the Legions simply too far away for that, so the Colony will at the very least have time to prepare.

On the other hand I'm not even entirely convinced there'll be a war between the two factions. We already know the legions willing to establish contact with sentient monsters and the Colony seems a bit more agreeable than the demons. I guess it'll come down to how the perceive the Colony as a threat, which given the Legions position on abandoning the surface and current state of said surface, doesn't seem a cause of concern...

... Isaac on the other hand, not much that can save him now.

Chrysalis · C435
1 month ago

Daoist_Rubeno: Fun part of the show BEGIIIINNSS!

Ants march forward, *Imperial march plays in the background*

Chrysalis · C434
1 month ago

TheMushroomLord: Come to think of it the extreme conditions of each strata might serve as a bit of a road block for the colonies downwards expansion.

I'm assuming the colony can survive the cold of the second strata given they first spawned there, but if different and greater environmental extremes exist further down they may start to pose a problem.

Nothing a bit of core enchanting can't fix, but that's a pretty major use of an already strained resource.

Chrysalis · C433
1 month ago

Sylfa: Monsters? Maybe. Humanized? No. RinoZ has declared in an author's comment a long time ago that he has 0 intentions of making Anthony strive to become human again. I assume humanoid is included in that due to the way he wrote it.

So ants able to raise their abdomen up to use their front claws as hands, maybe? But probably mostly the carver cast in that case.

Full on "girls/boys", nah doubt that. Especially the split in gender, they don't need males to breed so how and why would he introduce that? And if you can call it a girl then it's probably too humanoid for what he's intending.

Basically, what he said is that he dislikes isekai's where the human is reborn as a monster, and then in (usually) record time gain a human form and the whole point of being a monster mostly just becomes a super power. So his intent is that Anthony won't ever strive to become human again, he's an ant monster and he likes it that way. The carver ants with their front claws is probably as close as he feels is necessary for crafting purposes.

Chrysalis · C433
1 month ago

TheMushroomLord: Incredibly dense dark mana... sounds like a good place to harvest cores.

On a completely unrelated note, I wonder if monsters can get mana poisoning like humans if they venture deeper than their cores allow. Seems unlikely at this level given the queen spawned here, but if monsters do in fact get poisoned, that might be a problem going forward if the queen continues to evolve and venture deeper but her brood stay the same.

Chrysalis · C432
1 month ago

Frontosacool: He keeps his severed arm with him for when he needs to clasp both hand together.

Chrysalis · C157
1 month ago

Skully_: There is something important long term followers of this series need to know. I had made an announcement back in March - but then took a hiatus for health reasons. I have kept this series up on WN for as long as possible, but when I publish the fourth book I will take it down. I will continue to post chapters in line with convention until then but I wanted to give you plenty of warning. After I have four books on Amazon I will only continue the series there with the exception of patreon.

I am starting a new series here on WN and it will be free for the next year or so. Hardcore Qi Worlds. I am aiming for 12 chapters per month minimum of that story.

I am sorry if you love Daedalus, but it is free with KU and I keep the books as cheap as possible. It is still much much much much much cheaper than WN.

Daedalus · C70
1 month ago

TheMushroomLord: I just realised, could the colonies current path to dungeon supremacy run the risk of forging their own doom?

If the Formica Sapien species is too successful and the dungeon creates a revised version of them deeper in the dungeon as it did with the centipedes, then might the colony accidentally engineer a stronger version of themselves, hostile due to the species difference and armed with an ant's suicidal instincts?

Chrysalis · C429
2 months ago

Feliprins1: As expected, also are the liberal nobles going to get killed too? And who could be the traitor or informant about congus ring and his hand? Isnt it like only very close people that hold such information? Or did Sard just use that previous assasination attempt to test these possibilities?

Anyway, it looks like those angels are trying to help the god of truth assimilate other deities and commanding Sard...

Throne of Magical Arcana · C555
2 months ago
[In the voice of Admiral Ackbar]: It's a TRAP!! View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C555
2 months ago

Dracolupus: Tiny is Rambo.
Oh my arms missing ? Time to kill the MFers who did it ! Oh I almost forgot I should probably stop the bleeding , nah I'm good.

Chrysalis · C427
2 months ago

Usman: I just realized that if you replace the N with an L his name would be. ANT HOLY, funny right?

Chrysalis · C341
2 months ago

AlexTor: Haha. Lucien became the boogeyman. Haha

Throne of Magical Arcana · C548
2 months ago

MonitorShotput: Lol, and he has the added benefit of not having to worry about appendicitis.

Throne of Magical Arcana · C541
2 months ago

CrimsonMoon: Love Natasha's character~. Bold, decisive, courageous and willing to stand up to those far stronger than herself and have the presence of supreme queen. Completely different from those many other generic CN novels where the female leads exists only to be saved by the MC...and then fall in love with the MC immediately afterwards.

Throne of Magical Arcana · C540
2 months ago

Maddawg1808: I am curious how the world would categorize the ants because while they dungeon in origin they are closer to a early sentient race or young civilization that a group of monsters and given their abilities to reason and cooperate with the town people they may be capable of peaceful coexistence with humans issues would only happen if attacked then it would become closer to an eye for a eye

Chrysalis · C417
2 months ago

Kupkake: Not to mention that the ants saved your lives and stepped in to protect the citizens of the country which either the legion or the country itself were responsible for. Regardless, you have to tell Titus its only a matter of time before he finds out. You cant be that far from Liria's capital so eventually one of the legions search parties will find the village or town which will lead to Titus founding out about the ants cohabitation with human's anyway. Not to mention the Legion has exactly 0 ground to stand on considering all of them are basically a humanoid monster of the dungeon with the only different between them and the normal monsters being that they are not officially recognized by the dungeon as monsters, yet.

Chrysalis · C417
2 months ago

Mad_Jakk_Rabbit: By the gods!! They are discovering puns. The only logical next step from there is dad jokes.

Chrysalis · C416
2 months ago
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