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IKR. Although that statute did have a little bad intentions when he first met dummy. But he merely wanted to show he was superior to him. But now MC kills him off even tho he has been protecting earth this entire time View More

RajputBoy: As same as always . Sometimes I think if mc is villain of this novel

Monster Pet Evolution · C816
1 week ago
Nope. It wasn't a 1-1 ratio. You would have to go back to when be first met bree for the exact lvl to rank. View More

Leif_Kurtz: I thought each rank had 100 lvls, so rank4 lvl 99 is roughly equal to lvl 499.

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C351
2 months ago
I know, right. The real question tho, what will happen when he combines all the Intents? His ghost has a sword and saber, I think, and then his light of virtue has a saber intent. Combine all of them, and what will you get? View More

Vrad_Zechs: when I read the title, I thought he'd be saber riding INSIDE an ironman suit, not STEPPING ON an ironman suit.
(facepalm) 😨

Cultivation Chat Group · C1048
2 months ago
Chapter 530 to be exact lol. Went back and looked for it. View More

Migole: Betting there’s an error either due to the lamia or Shuhang having so many Daoist names.

Like “According to the precepts of heaven, let it be known that #^*%(static blare, silence, then the world will fills in the name he is best known by...

“...Senior Brother Gao Sheng has passed the level 8 tribulation”

Cultivation Chat Group · C1027
3 months ago
No, no, remember the heavenly dao only recognizes song one. Remember back when he used all his names to sign that one paper for a chance to be the next inheritor of some dao name and lineage that all but song one disappeared. View More

Migole: Betting there’s an error either due to the lamia or Shuhang having so many Daoist names.

Like “According to the precepts of heaven, let it be known that #^*%(static blare, silence, then the world will fills in the name he is best known by...

“...Senior Brother Gao Sheng has passed the level 8 tribulation”

Cultivation Chat Group · C1027
3 months ago
Well, instead you got him recklessly seeking death by impersonating yet another senior. View More

zhainan2157: Damn, not the ending I wanted to see.
I wanted the windows to the ship to suddenly roll down and for Shuhang to show an embarrassed face while saying he got the wrong person.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1008
4 months ago
If I recall Kong-Shi did have demon students. The main issue is that their cultivation makes them bloodthirsty due to their meridian channels. View More

Funny4pie: I hope this is where he brings the demons to greater heights and gets both races to get along instead of murdering everything

Library of Heaven's Path · C1786
4 months ago
He did not fake it. The blood of stage 3 ancient stage has reincarnate for a reason. He did die, and his body was broken down and remade elsewhere. View More

SmilingReader: So how did Zhang Xuan fake his death? Did he explode or something? It would’ve been easier if he used his clone since it looks like he’s not actually fooling the ones behind the scenes then he wouldn’t have to be so weak now.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1786
4 months ago
If you have never seen something, how can you be sure if it is it? Remember these are the last ancient sages. They were born before Kong-Shi's disappearance. To them, he is just talented. Remember ZX is verrrrrryyyy low key. But his talent is not otherworldly. Well, it is, but they do not know the specifications. They could see his rapid breakthroughs as merely hiding his true strength which he does do. View More

SmilingReader: So no one questioned how a twenty something Master Teacher who basically rose through the ranks without an organisation backing him up also managed to raise disciples that also became powerhouses themselves? There should’ve been more people wondering if he was a celestial master teacher or something similar.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1786
4 months ago
Lol, I don't think this was a mass release. Otherwise, the premium chapters should have jumped by the same amount. If anything this is a technical problem that we get to enjoy. Premium has got to be 50 chapters ahead of regular. So likely bulk of chapters was dropped from premium status by accident. View More

Ryuusei369: Shouldn't it be "although I earn less than a doctor..."?
Thanks for the mass release

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C390
5 months ago
Hmmm. I got a question for you. Do you see a romance tag on the main page for this novel? Even if he does see someone, it will just be an afterthought. View More

Blaze_gold: Ok when will he finally show interest in someone? Regardless of how obsessed he is with surgeries, he is just a normal guy with hormones. The author is honestly turning him into a drone with only surgeries and food on his mind which is not realistic. Awesome novel though.

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C359
5 months ago
Ha! 20 times a day. You forget how many people Lu has to do ward rounds for. Every single one of ling rans patients View More

Toje: Nope all are harsh especially when used 20 odd times per day 😭😭😭

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C354
5 months ago
Idk why it would. Free stones from invites do t help the translators or authors. They go straight to webnovel. Not sure why anyone would bother to buy them since they don't help. There's always options like google which is free. View More

SmilingReader: Hopefully this doesn’t become the top comment 😓

Library of Heaven's Path · C1740
5 months ago
When you are in for penny go for a pound. View More

shippibloo: LOL he really is too shameless, asking for more

Library of Heaven's Path · C1738
5 months ago
Plenty of good novels that are below 1k chapters. Personally I don't bother with the votes or the reviews. I just read the summary. If it sounds interesting ill read a couple chapters to test the water. View More

mrfatso: I disagreed, perhaps you have forgotten how many no.1 novel were propped by fake votes in the past.

I have no idea if they were still doing this, Instead i would rather have a general rule of thumb, something like if the translation for this story is consistent on a daily basis and it has over 1000 chapter and it isnt a shoujo story, then at the very least, give it a look since the translator was willing to stick with it.

At the very least, it shouldnt be that trashy.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1734
5 months ago
More like how stupid. They are expecting romance in a novel without a romance tag. Like wth. That's like watching any random tv drama series and except it to teach kids how to count. View More

AzureWater: how long is the dam #1 comment

Library of Heaven's Path · C1732
5 months ago
Hmmm, you have a point, but I have a question. This novel does not have the romance tag, to begin with, so why are you expecting there to be romance? That's like watching a horror movie and expecting to see a comedy. View More

YourHighness_: I'm telling you guys, Zhang Xuan is a blockhead and a gay. he's the combination of genius-blockhead-gay .

Though the author claimed that he likes woman, facts in the novel still state that he's gay/stupid and fake genius(the only ability that's noteworthy on him is Heaven Path, without it he's still the once trash/useless).

And imagine, if in the beginning he didn't have the Heaven path all, what will he becme now?

Don't even mention reaching great sage,even Saint realm will be as difficult as climbing the heaven for him.

Why am i angry? Why?

It's because he's fucking blockhead when it cmes to women and also because he's a gay.

If you're expecting for him to touch any women in his lifetime then I'll have to disappoint you, though i really like reading this novel,

It really is a pain in the ass when i remember that zhang xuan will forever be a gay and will never touch any woman, i REPEATED, WILL NEVER TOUCH ANY WOMAN, Never and forever.

If you're going to ask me what's the use of female characters then I'll only say :


If you're only continuing reading this novel because you still bore some hope that he'll have a son/daughter,

Then you should extinguish that naive thought of yours.

I'll be kind and generous for once and tell you something since i don't want you guys to keep holding the thought that he'll touch any of his woman any longer.

First, the only common occurrences in this novel is comedy/face-slapping/and some adventure as cultivator.

If you're hoping for some romance then i kindly advice you to extinguish that naive thought of yours.

Even though the author claimed that zhang xuan girlfriend is luo ruoxin, that's only in name,

In fact, I've never even seen they getting so intimate before except talking to each other(so lame right),

I even somewhat pity Luo ruoxin for getting this kind of blockhead MC, she'll be happy if I'm her boyfriend instead, don't you agree?

Alright that's all for today review, it's night here so I'm going to sleep after this,

Goodbye and remember my kind advice,

From Your Highness Evildoer.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1731
5 months ago
Or you can just go to Google. Free stones don't help the translators or authors soooo why spend money to get some when there are other options? View More

Haseou3: If you need Cheap Spirit Stone, you can visit our site at https:// m a s t e r i n v i t e . e c w i d . c o m
(1 Days x 10 x 50 SS = 500 SS) @ $2.50
(4 Days x 10 x 50 SS = 2,000 SS) @ $9.75
(7 Days x 10 x 50 SS = 3,500 SS) @ $17.00
(30 Days x 10 x 50 SS = 15,000 SS) @ $ 70.00

Library of Heaven's Path · C1731
5 months ago
That is probable. Remember back when he was in the college finding new skills for his skillset he found some abnormalities that suggested that there were espers before the meteor shower. So it could be a massive simulation on the governments end. View More

AcidicGlavenus: A notification when you make an achievement in a video game

Godly Model Creator · C770
5 months ago
Lol, I haven't read this in a long time. Why are you commenting on a 4-month-old comment lol? Though there is a difference in killing for the sake of his loved ones and killing for a job/fun. His policy if I recall correctly only matters about contracted work. He will still kill anyone else that he feels like it. But he won't kill someone who he has no grudge with for no reason. View More

WhyAmISober: well that policy went to **** after his first payment from that girl long ago though, every single one of his assassinations was for his family's sake and not payment

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C631
7 months ago
Or at the same time the founder never expected someone who wasn't part of the clan to go into clans sword training hall where outsiders are prohibited View More

CTRLRSect: “Thus he designed this character to fall apart automatically when an offspring of the Zhang Clan reaches a higher level of mastery than him in Speed Sword Quintessence”

So I’m guessing it’s official that he’s an offspring of the Zhang Clan. And that they should be able to identify the fact that he is due to him replacing the Sword Character.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1468
9 months ago
It is true. Japan was one of the sole suppliers for the Korean wars. View More

Fruitspunch: Japan becoming rich was because of the Korean war? okaaaaaay..

Only I level up · C178
9 months ago
I can't wait for the hell chapter that is coming up. There better be one. Our MC needs to drag that loan shark to hell. View More

Ancestor_Isindar: these people are truely bastards of society

The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C431
9 months ago
From the sounds of it the shadow sovereign willing gave his power away. Hence why everyone says he betrayed them View More

Crystayne: It was probably impossible to remove that crystal, I bet. So there was no chance to save him. It’s a bit regretful that he lost what could’ve been a powerful ally, but he was pretty much already lost a long time ago. I hope that someone can inherit that power like Jin Woo inherited the Shadow Sovereign.

Only I level up · C175
9 months ago
Hmmm, maybe he can eventually evolve into something smaller or take up a smaller form? He can talk now, so perhaps monsters taking human forms might be possible? View More

terminatermike: Poor stripey, how will he ever find love now. Also having a spider mountain as a pet sounds badass asf.

Monster Pet Evolution · C282
9 months ago
Maybe, maybe not. They might try and force him to join their ranks. We don't know how rare A rank is after all. View More

DepositRefund: Result of the wipeout : Grade A authorization.

-he can have access for greatworlds resources
-maybe he can travel there also

Monster Paradise · C970
9 months ago
Well, he did say the enemies were real when he saw them on tv. Usually, bosses aren't that much harder, only about a fold higher in difficulty. View More

ClosedPervert: THAT WAS FAST!!
Considering this novel pace I thought it will be 2 or 3 chapters to finish that giant BOSS

Only I level up · C173
9 months ago
Yeah except for this chapter where he brags about his students and how anyone he chooses become famous after he takes them in. View More

SilentDrummer: I don't know what are you talking about. He always has been humble and low profile

Library of Heaven's Path · C1452
9 months ago
That's not being humble at all. That's like if a father who has an excellent kid brags about him. Just because they aren't bragging about themselves doesn't mean that is automatically humble. Just like with the father the disciples have a direct connection with ZX. View More

SilentDrummer: He only talked about his disciples achievements, not his. He's just proud of them

Library of Heaven's Path · C1452
9 months ago
Nah, this chapter he stopped being humble once he started to describe his lineage. View More

SilentDrummer: He's too humble to brag about it

Library of Heaven's Path · C1452
9 months ago
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