Dragon King's Son-In-Law

Dragon King's Son-In-Law DKS

Author: Dragon King's Nice Son-In-Law

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Seeing that Hao Ren was chewing on his bun, Su Han couldn't help but nudge him. "Say something."
In the students' eyes, Su Han was touching a guy on purpose, and it made them so surprised that their mouth opened wide.
Hao Ren kept on eating, deciding not to fall for Su Han's new trap.
"I have a way to get into the Nine Dragon Palace, but I need you to lead the way. The palace could be opened by the Four Ocean Dragon Clans and has a time limit of six hours. But there won't be any time limit if we sneak in. Then, we can share the treasures 50/50."
Seeing how Hao Ren was, Su Han directly put everything on the table.
"No time limits? 50/50?" Hao Ren finally looked up with half a bun in his mouth.
"I'll give you a week to think about it. The Nine Dragon Palace doesn't belong to East Ocean anyway. If you get something, it will be East Ocean that benefits." Su Han stood up with the tray and returned it at the door. Then, she left the cafeteria.
Hao Ren sat there and considered if the d

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