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Hao Ren's group flew out of the valley and ascended toward Sixth Heaven.
Fifth Heaven and Sixth Heaven had strict divisions. Fifth Heaven cultivators were not allowed to enter Sixth Heaven without the permission of Sixth Heaven sects.
Therefore, there was a large-scale one-way array formation between Fifth Heaven and Sixth Heaven. Sixth Heaven cultivators could enter Fifth Heaven at any time, but to enter Sixth Heaven from Fifth Heaven, they must pass through a special passage.
Such a passage was jointly safeguarded by more than a dozen Sixth Heaven sects to avoid Fifth Heaven cultivators from smuggling into Sixth Heaven.
Of course, such an array formation was ineffective for array formation masters such as Zhen Congming.
Zhen Congming casually pointed with a finger, and the array formation melted like a plastic bag, opening a big hole.
Hao Ren's group snuck in.
The first feeling of entering Sixth Heaven was the abundance of nature essence.
blowing into their faces.
If the ave

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