Dragon King's Son-In-Law

Dragon King's Son-In-Law DKS

Author: Dragon King's Nice Son-In-Law

4.4 (555 ratings)

454 Soul Formation Realm Master~ 1 week ago

Translator: NoodleTownEditor: NoodleTown

"This..." Xie Yujia tensed up immediately.
"I'll just go there and have a look. Little White flies fast, and I'll be fine," Hao Ren said.
"Then... I'll go with you!" Xie Yujia said after a moment of consideration.
Ruff... Little White jumped around Hao Ren's feet.
Hao Ren hesitated for a few seconds. He told Xie Yujia his plan, so she would know where he was trapped if he couldn't make it back.
However, he didn't plan to take her with him.
"If we are just there to take a look, I don't think anything will happen to us," Xie Yujia said.
She was afraid that Hao Ren would venture deep into the Kunlun Mountain and get into danger. If she went with him, she could stop him when necessary.
"Ok! Then, we should go now so that we can make it back early." Hao Ren clutched Little White's ears.
Bam! Little White turned into a magnificent snow lion, and the golden fur on its four legs emitted radiant light.
After Hao Ren and Xie Yujia got up on its back, Little White shot up with colorful

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