Blue Star Cultivator

Blue Star Cultivator BSC

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20 Baptized 3yr

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The 3rd layer xiantian expert with fire affinity was a little surprised to see his comrade dispatched and his fireball dodged so easily.

The battle had literally just started and they were already down a man. This kid had some skill, taking no chances he activated his fire armor and a sword with purple-fire billowing on its blade appeared in his hand,

This time he had pulled out all the stops. This was his rank 3 spirit sword, One has to know that local clans like the Lou clan could only have access to mostly rank 1 and rank 2 spirit weapons, Sects would have anywhere from rank 1 to rank 5 spirit weapons and only people working for the royal family would have weapons above rank 5.

This expert too had his lower face masked ninja style but he had white hair spilling out the hood of his robes meaning he was older and more experienced than the wind element expert that just died.

The yellow armor of licking fire around his upper body gave off a blistering heat, not as much as the fireball he had just casted but this heat could keep even 2nd layer xiantian experts from engaging in close combat with him...Too bad he was piss out of luck today because Hartley had just appeared

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