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Blue Star Cultivator BSC

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The final three xiantians that appeared were support experts, meaning the fire element expert and the wind element expert were supposed to be pressuring Hartley serving as the vanguard force and then the support team would step in and lend support to smoothly finish him off with precision from the sidelines.

There was a 1st layer xiantian expert with the wood element affinity, she would take care of any wounds inflicted on the others, she was holding a green whip with thorns all over it, the other was a earth element 1st layer xiantian expert, if one of the vanguard was struggling or suffered any injuries, he would step in and tie up the opponent with his incredible defense until the team member can be healed and rejoin the battle, the third was a water element 2nd layer xiantian who was a specialist bowman, if the opponent was tricky he would be the artillery for the others to keep the opponent on his heels.

Their battle plan was for these 3 to guard the exits to make sure the opponent doesn't escape easily, but once the battle starts they should join in as quickly as possible.

They were vigilant in their duties as they guarded all possible escape routes making sure no on

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