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Blue Star Cultivator BSC

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24 The Battle Stage 3yr

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It was the day of the life and death battle, Hartley sat cross legged on his bed, surrounded by a sea of swirling blue lights.

Eyes closed, he sensed that 80 meters away someone was headed towards him, after opening his eyes, a burst of blue light illuminated the entire room, gradually fading away.

He got up and leisurely strolled outside, seeing Lou Chingham making his way up the mountain.

When Lou Chingham arrived, they casually exchanged greetings, Lou Chingham then started intimating to Hartley that Lou Lee was the grandchild of a very respected elder, stressing the seriousness of the situation.

"If Lou Lee were to be killed by you, the ramifications might be very serious, the winner of a life and death battle has the right to let the loser keep his life, for the right compensation ofcourse."

Lou Chingham said all this with a pleasant and caring smile on his face, and was about to say more when Hartley interjected.

"And if he wins, he will let me keep my life?"

Hartley looked Lou Chingham in his eyes with a pleasant smile plastered across his own face.

Even though Hartley had chosen to return to the Lou Clan with Lou Chingham, there was no trust.


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