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After sitting in the raucous inn for a while, a a well built man aged about 25 wearing a blue robe approached and sat in front of him without any greeting, he smiled with perfect symmetrical white teeth.

The man who was a head taller than Hartley had dark short hair and eyes as dark as a pool of black ink,
"I am Lou Tai and I'm in charge of this mission," he said and cupped his fist, he then showed a token provided by the clan signifying a core disciple.

Hartley cupped his fists and then produced his own.

"The others are already upstairs we are having a meeting, you are the last one to arrive, let's go ." He then led the way and Hartley followed.

In a spacious double room on the second floor of the inn which had two beds positioned next to the opposing walls, there were already three occupants inside patiently awaiting the arrival of the last members of the team.

The door opened with a long squeak shattering the silence of the room as Hartley entered in front of Lou Tai.

Lou Ang and Lou Rylai who were both core disciples of the Stellar mountain were sat quietly on the bed at the right side of the room a couple meters away from each other gazing in dif

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