Blue Star Cultivator original

Blue Star Cultivator BSC

Author: amazingfabs

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45 Sparring: a foreign concept 1 year ago

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Fwooosh! Qin Li retaliated with a horizontal slash, his axe shone with a neon shade of green like the leaves of a mature daffodil plant in spring time.

With sweat pouring off his forehead he pushed his speed to new limits, turned on the ball of his right foot and reversed the grip on his battle axe, the double bladed weapon with each blade the shape of a half moon transitioned into a diagonal uppercut strike from low-left to high-right bringing swirling winds and a dust cloud spinning like a cyclone around him.

The move looked majestic but the opponent stepped to the right and with another forward step with wind fluttering his robes, he was through the beautiful slash.

As Qin Li was almost at the end of this strike and planning his next strike, a silver flash with microscopic precision hit the handle of his axe.

The force of the counter strike caused Qin li to over rotate 180 degrees, stumble and expose his defenseless back to the opponent and that was when Hartley landed a kick right on his butt sending him sprawling among the shrubbery, losing his axe in the fall as it clanged away across the floor and into the shrubbery.

Qin Li stood up with a puzzled look, blades

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