The Samsara Cycle original

The Samsara Cycle SC

Author: Divine_Amaranthine

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4 <-- Qidian is being annoying. "The Netherworld King Yama" 1 year ago

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"Hello again King Yama! How are you doing on this fine day?" I asked after I had finally accumulated 7,200 kp.
"Day? What day? We don't have days in the netherworld," he replied.
Oh, I should probably describe the Netherworld king Yama to you. He looks like a young man with wrinkles from smiling too much. If you think of a successful young businessman wearing a suit, you have a pretty good picture of him.
Each day he has to fill out crap loads of paperwork. Always about what your options are in reincarnation, why each person earned the amount of kp they did in their lives. Honestly, if he wasn't as efficient as he is, the line of ghosts would probably be long enough to reach the world of the living.
Apparently, that happened once and caused someone to be reborn in the world with all the memories of their past lives.
Yama's superiors in heaven weren't particularly happy about that and so now he doesn't dare to slack off for even a second.
"Well, I see you have my paperwork for reincarnation ready," I stated to Yama.
"Indeed, I…" Yama was immediately cut off as the pen he was holding flew through his hand!
That's right, it was like his hand was an apparition and the pen was a

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