Overlord, Love Me Tender

Overlord, Love Me Tender OLMT

Author: Zou Mo

4.6 (320 ratings)

373 Met with assassination (2) 1 month ago

Translator: MistyCloudTLEditor: MistyCloudTL

After exchanging blows, the two killers obviously became even more serious by the minute.
They had not expected that a freshman to have such acute sense and reaction, as though she was born to battle to stay alive.
She had not used a single bit of Profound Qi.
She only used that red feather fan in her hands, turning it into a dagger as she attacked them back.
Every stroke, every move, were sharp and precise, without any hesitation.
While she was evading their vital attacks, she speedily counter-attacked.
It had indeed made those killers who originally thought lightly of her, changed their minds.
Ye Qing Luo was really glad that she had taken Ghost Doctor's medicinal pill and also while she was in the Azure Dew Bracelet, Old Man Cang passed Profound Qi into her body to help her nurse her health.
Which was why, in the places which she were injured, it had not hurt her to the point of extreme pain.
The more serious these two killer became, the moves they made became even more vic

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