Muchuan and Xiang Wan

Muchuan and Xiang Wan MTDG

Author: Si Jin

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494 Two Different Worlds 2yr

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The next moment, they heard Tian Danyue's voice.
"Sister, it's full inside. There are only three cubicles, and I'm still here queuing up. What's the rush?"
"… Ah? It's full?"
"Yeah! Just wait for a while."
"Are you sure about it?"
She was talking to another woman who wanted to enter the restroom.
Both Fang Yuanyuan and Huang He gave a quick look at each other. Then he pulled his hat down, entered a cubicle swiftly and bolted the door.
True enough, the young woman refused to listen to Tian Danyue.
She squeezed past Tian Danyue unhappily and directly entered the restroom.
When she saw Fang Yuanyuan who was standing beside the washbasin with visibly red eyes from crying, she was a little taken aback. Then she turned her head to look at Tian Danyue who had a slight smile on her face and seemed to have understood something.
Hur! She let out a laugh, shrugged her shoulders and went in an empty cubicle.
Thud! She locked the door.
Huang He got out of the cubicle immediately.

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