Muchuan and Xiang Wan

Muchuan and Xiang Wan MTDG

Author: Si Jin

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Put an end to this?
Bai Muchuan felt that her actions and words sounded very interesting. He laughed and looked as if he was ready to see what she was up to.
"Tell me then, how are you going to put an end to this?"
Xiang Wan replied, "You know how I am. Can you guess what I want to do next?"
She smiled rather provocatively, making Bai Muchuan gave a gulp. "I don't know. What do you want to do?"
"I'm gonna kill you!" Xiang Wan suddenly changed her expression and said in a grave tone just like those antagonists portrayed in novels, dramas and movies. She caught his neck and gritted her teeth. "If I can't get you, then no one else can! Tell me, what are you gonna do to put an end to this?"
There was a short silence that lasted for three seconds.
Bai Muchuan's nose moved slightly. "Is this fun?"
"Is acting fun?"
"… Not fun at all!"
Xiang Wan puffed a sigh, frowned and seemed sullen. She let go of him and lie beside him while staring at the ceiling in the dark. "Bai Mu

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