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In The Dragon Ball Universe With The Summoning System DBUSS

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55 Robins Air Force Base 4 months ago

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It's been a couple of weeks since we made the basic fortifications to the motel.

"So, where are we going today?" I asked Lee.

We were going to go scavenging for supplies, I just didn't know where.

"We're going to the Robins Air Force Base, it's not that far from here, and we might be able to find some guns and other stuff too," Lee said with a grin.

"Okay, is anyone else coming?" I asked.

"Yeah, Doug is" Lee answered.

"Wait, Doug?" I asked.

"Hey, guys! Wait up!" Doug shouted, as he ran to us, with a large empty bag on his back and a pistol holstered on his thigh.

"Yeah..." Lee answered, "He said that he wanted to be more helpful, so he's coming with us, lighten up Tom. At least he isn't Larry" Lee said, as he pat me on the back.

"Yeah..." I said.

"So, where are we going?" Doug asked, as he caught up with us.

"Robins Air Force Base, we might be able to find some guns, ammo and food," I answered.

"Ah, okay... so, how far away is it going to be?" Doug asked.

"A decent walk away, Lee probably knows more, since he grew up around here, ask him," I said.

"Oh, okay" Doug replied, as he walked over to Lee and started to ask him questions about the a

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