Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering AAKPDIP

Author: Sweets Flood

4.4 (3,251 ratings)

737 DNA Testing 6 months ago

Translator: AtlasStudiosEditor: AtlasStudios

Lan Ye, who was standing in the banquet hall, had on a dark expression.
There was a murderous look in his eyes.
Lan Xiaozhi stood in front of Mu Sihan.
Lan Ye said sharply, "Is it him?"
The atmosphere around was so stiff that no one dared to breathe.
Even Mu Sihan, who was holding on to the flute, gripped it very hard.
He was here on vacation and did not bring any bodyguards, only his friends and children. If she were to accuse him, not only would he be unable to leave, Xiaojie and the others would also be implicated.
But, he still wanted to try his luck.
Lan Xiaozhi looked at Mu Sihan's deep dark eyes and he stared at her with no fear in his eyes, and there was a trace of determination in it.
Admiring his courage, Lan Xiaozhi's lips under the veil could not help but lift up into a smile.
"I've found it." Her voice was gentle and elegant, like a touch of spring breeze, gentle and harmless.
Lan Ye's face was tensed and his gaze icy cold. "Guards, take him down."
Zi Yan who

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