The Shovel System

The Shovel System Shovel System

Author: Eternal_Pathfinder

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17 Starlight Stroll 3yr

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Stars freckle the velvety curtain of the night hanging in the heavens. The stars cast across the void like sand scattered at the beach, twinkling in myriad colors. Inky clouds drift through the sky, blotting out constellations here and there while bringing the scent of fresh rain.

Grassy plains roll to the horizon, dim starlight revealing them as though they are sketched from charcoal. A gentle breeze brushes across the grass in long waves, the grass's shiny surfaces reflecting the heavens like a vast sparkling sea. Small balls of light drift up from the grass and are blown away in swirling gusts by the chilly night winds.

An old man stands like a lone island towering in the endless shimmering night. He takes steady breaths while stroking his beard, his eyes glued to the sights around him, his worries forgotten for a moment.

Jackie Lewin drifts through the plains, smelling the crisp air and listening to the sounds of the monsters while they hunt or hide under the stars. He feels the heavy tension in his chest lighten little by little, washed by the midnight serenity.

The inky blotches of clouds swell, painting the sky black in the time it takes to eat a meal. The

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