Legend of the Mythological Genes

Legend of the Mythological Genes LMG

Author: Fish leaping to the peak

4.0 (1,301 ratings)

403 Cooperation of the Strong 5 days ago

Translator: LordbluefireEditor: Lordbluefire

In the investitures of gods, there was an evil-attribute magic treasure known as the soul summoning banner. It could summon the souls of people and kill from afar with no traces at all. That item shared some similarities to the object before his eyes.
It was just that the object before him was heavily damaged, with only less than half of its original body existing. Its might was naturally reduced greatly as well.
But even so, its mental effects toward people would truly be able to catch opponents unaware!
Spirit lifeforms had no substances, and material attacks were useless toward them. Only energy or mental attacks could be effective to injure or kill them.
If one could use this soul summoning banner flexibly, it would definitely be a powerful treasure against the spirit race.
Feng Lin's heart involuntarily stirred as he continued to ask, "Senior sister Zhao. This mythological remnant is of great use to me. I wonder what do I have to give in exchange for this object?"
"Seems lik

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