THE Strongest Hokage

THE Strongest Hokage TSH

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38 Tsunade’s Shock 3yr

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This is impossible! impossible!"

Samui froze there, with an incredible look on his face.

In order to kill Naito, he used a B-class Ninjutsu!

However, That B-class Ninjutsu got shattered by the Shock of Naito.

This is just incredible.

Naito is just this powerful, he can even crush a B-Class Ninjutsu

Naito approached Samui slowly.

Step by step.

Samui got afraid, the look on his face was terrified, he wanted to run, but he couldn't even move, his body suffered a lot of injuries.

And he already ran out of Chakra.

This time, the real outcome has determined!

"No No….."

Samui felt desperate.

He knew Naito will have no mercy on him.

This is a life and death duel, and Samui didn't go easy on him too if Naito didn't open the second gate, that fire release would have turned him into ashes.

Naito didn't hesitate.

He raised his fist then he dropped it.


Uchiha Samui died!

Before he dies, Samui regretted his actions.

In the beginning, he knew he needed to kill Naito before he gets any stronger, but he thought that giving him three months won't be any problem.


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