The World after the Fall

The World after the Fall

Author: 싱숑

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217 Big Brother (11) 3 months ago

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[You took longer than I thought. I expected you to come 16 times earlier than this.]
Jaehwan had only seen Sirwen, but he knew exactly what Nightmares looked like. They had a small pair of horns on their heads and small wings on their back, but they looked just like humans otherwise. The being in front of him was definitely a Nightmare.
Nightmare Mulack Armelt.
One of the 13 Master Craftsmen, and the being who created the Tower of Remorse. He was here.
[Haha, haven't you looked enough? Or do I have something on my face?]
Even with Mulack's words, Jaehwan couldn't take his eyes off him. Jaehwan recognized the presence however. Mulack wasn't just a Nightmare. He was now something beyond a Nightmare.
[I know you must have a lot of questions.]
"Are you Big Brother?"
[Big Brother? OH! Big Brother…]
As if he had forgotten that word for a long time, Mulack laughed.
[I didn't think you would be curious about that. Didn't you come through the 'Fall of time' to get here?]
"I asked i

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