Long Live The Emperor!

Long Live The Emperor! LLTE

Author: Slicing Water II

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123 Arrogant and Despotic? Dismount and Enter the City! 4mth

Translator: LambSheepMuttonEditor: LambSheepMutton

King Shenwu's name had been earned by killing his way through.

However, the battle at Floating Jade Mountain could no longer be concealed. Whoever came would die.

After that, someone calculated that many people on the three lists of the martial world, the Man List, the Earth List, and the Heaven List, had died in his hands, not to mention a few people from the Legendary Level Twenty Heavens.

"The Turkic diplomatic mission is about to arrive. Do you think the princess will agree to their marriage proposal?"

"I don't think so."

Another person suddenly sighed. " Now that I think about it, the emperor abandoned the city and fled. It was King Shenwu and the ninth princess who guarded the city. If it weren't for these two people, the entire imperial city would have turned into ruins long ago. How could it be like today? "

"Rumors are terrible. He was clearly a hero who defended the city and saved people, but he became a sinner, a tyrant, and a disloyal and unf

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