Age of Cosmic Exploration

Age of Cosmic Exploration ACE

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67 Arrival and the House of Representatives 3 years ago

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With the Hope’s departure from the meteorite cluster, much of the forging and mining had stopped. This meant that quite a large amount of people lost their jobs.

Initially, there were voices of complaints, but those were quickly replaced by another more interesting topic.

The third day after the mass mining was closed down, the Hope’s government released a statement saying that they were going to construct a House of Representatives, aiding the people towards self-government. Two hundred representatives were going to be selected from the general public, and there was not going to be any selection requirements…

Even though the details were still unclear, each of the representatives were going to receive a certain degree of benefits, but more importantly, this held weight because it was the first time the Hope allowed its citizens a part in its administration. Everyone on board raved about this and people wandered the streets asking about the selection process. Was it going to be a voting system or were there going to be exams?

A nervous excitement lingered for almost a month before people got tired of waiting and prompted the government to issue the selection proce

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