Age of Cosmic Exploration

Age of Cosmic Exploration ACE

Author: Zhttty

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91 A Speedy Warp 3 years ago

Translator: LonelytreeEditor: Lucas

Since it was the captain’s order, there was no refutation.
Barely a moment had passed before the team separated into two to set up the explosives. Using the tomogram as a guide, the explosives were set at the rock layer’s weakest points.
The location and quantity would normally be carefully calculated, but due to the lack of time, they had to depend on Yao Yuan's and Wa Luo’s instincts and experience. There were only two possible outcomes: either the rescue would be a success… or they would all perish.
"…Is this decision correct? No sane person would bet on such a small margin of success; is this truly worth it…?"
Yao Yuan asked himself repeatedly, but there was no clear answer. Finally, his tired mind pushed the question out of his head to focus solely on the setting the explosives.
"…No, this can’t be put here. It’ll damage the geological foundation too much," a mysterious voice warned Yao Yuan as he prepared to bury a set of explosives.
Without hesitation, Yao Yuan removed the half-buried explosive. Turning to look at Wa Luo and Zhang Heng at the other end of the room, he exhaled in relief.
It was undeniable that the mission was too demanding for the

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