Age of Cosmic Exploration

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Author: Zhttty

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127 Might of the Homo Evolutis! 3 years ago

Translator: LonelytreeEditor: Lucas

Zhang Heng’s divination power was very well-known among the Hope’s citizens, so much so that he was often stopped to predict humanity’s future while he was out on his walks. These encounters made him feel equally humbled and frustrated.
Compared to Chou Yue, whose power occasionally worked, Zhang Heng’s power had become a hallmark of the Diviner. The description and entries on the Diviner kept by the Homo Evolutis faction was written with Zhang Heng in mind!
His power was so strong that he had never once failed to predict a source of danger. What he had was more than a simple sixth sense, it was beyond scientific explanation because he could technically see into the future at this point.
Other than the few Homo Evolutis, Yao Yuan’s space troopers consisted of trained ex-military, including some from the American Delta Task Force. Trained soldiers that they were, after the troopers were formed, they put in extra effort to get to know their comrades because a strong bond was crucial on the battlefield. When they were doing their rounds, the Thinker, Xiao Niao and Diviner, Zhang Heng were the ones that held their interest the most.
The Thinker was akin to an on-the-spot in

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