The Avalon Of Five Elements

The Avalon Of Five Elements AFE

Author: Fang Xiang

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250 Fallen Defenses 4yr

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45 people.

Tian Kuan sorrowfully stared at the two rows of elementalists in front of him, his thoughts a mystery. Five of the 50 survivors had rejected life and chosen death instead.

45 terrifying and imposing figures who appeared much swifter and fiercer than Yan Hai stood solemnly in front of Tian Kuan. Nothing was stricter than Death’s screening process. This free-for-all involving thousands of people had definitely produced a group of true elites. Although they had just become blood elementalists, the aura they exuded was on a whole different level than Yan Hai.

Tian Kuan detected a familiar scent in the air. The bloodthirsty glint in their eyes was exactly the same as the blood fiends and was something he could not be more familiar with.

He was assessing them, and they were sizing him up as well.

Tian Kuan knew that they would rip him to shreds the moment he revealed any sign of weakness. This bunch of wild beasts had no loyalty nor emotions. Only strength could gu

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