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Author: Feng Ling Tian Xia

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77 Huge Waves In The Imperial Court 3yr

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The next day, the Imperial Court was filled with intense disputes from various groups. The scene was akin to a group of merchants and farmers arguing at the marketplace.The atmosphere turned silent after the ritualistic greeting towards His Majesty. Just like the calm before the storm… A pile of petitions calling for the impeachment of Jun Zhantian was stacked before His Majesty. After observing the Imperial Court, His Majesty was surprised to see a number of vacant positions. Although he expected it, this result has greatly surpassed his expectations, "Isn't this a little too much?"
He already received the report last night. However, the report only had names written on it. To witness the results was something else. A good chunk of the Imperial Court members had disappeared… His Majesty was unable to get used to it!
For example, one was a student in a classroom with a hundred students. If someone were to receive news in the middle of the night that thirty of their students had eithe

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