Martial God Space

Martial God Space MGS

Author: Fu Xiao Chen

3.6 (431 ratings)

366 Very Rich ‘Hidden Star City’ 2 years ago

Translator: Novel_SagaEditor: Novel_Saga

Violent roars emanated from the blood pond. The Star Colossus’ body twisted and turned in the boiling blood pond. Layer upon layer of blood waves splashed-out from the pond.
“Dammit! Boy, I won’t forgive you for this!” the Star Colossus roared.
Ye Xiwen stood outside the blood pond. He stared at that Star Colossus with his ice-cold eyes. His refusal to accept defeat wasn’t very surprising. It would’ve been impossible for Ye Xiwen to capture the Star Colossus without the mysterious space’s intervention. Moreover, he couldn’t kill it even though he had caught it. He could only use this method to scrape-off its power; bit by bit.
Ye Xiwen recalled how he had been forced by this bastard to refine the devil seed inside his body. Suddenly, anger flourished in his heart.
“Try to say it again once you come out. I’ll turn you into the most loyal blood slave!” Ye Xiwen clenched his teeth as coldly looked at the Star Colossus.
“How long will it take to refine it?”

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