Martial God Space

Martial God Space MGS

Author: Fu Xiao Chen

3.6 (429 ratings)

381 The Barbarian People’s Astonishment 2 years ago

Translator: Novel_SagaEditor: Novel_Saga

The bones of these ominous bone-beasts were their strongest defensive layer. It was very difficult to break them. These experts of the Fire Cloud Cave bombarded the body of that bone-beast with their strongest martial techniques; mostly with the Fire Cloud’s Falling Sky Hand. However, their attacks could barely break its exoskeleton. In fact, their efforts went in vain because its broken bones instantly grew back. This beast was very difficult to deal with.
“Argh!” the bone beast roared. The bones from its body were ejected just like long arrows, and pierced through the vast sky. Two barbarian warriors didn’t get enough time to evade, and the long bone-arrows penetrated their bodies. They were nailed to the ground, and their blood splashed everywhere. This caused a rapid loss in their vitality.
“Dammit! I didn’t expect this bone-beast to be so ferocious. It seems it’ll enter the semi-sage realm soon!” the woman — who was one of the two barbarians leading this team — clenched her teet

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