Martial God Space

Martial God Space MGS

Author: Fu Xiao Chen

3.6 (424 ratings)

383 As Easy As Crushing Dry Weeds and Smashing Rotten Wood! 2 years ago

Translator: Novel_SagaEditor: Novel_Saga

Everyone was dumbstruck. Nobody had thought that Ye Xiwen would defeat Lei Yang Yun’s offensive in just one move. Lei Yang Yun’s attack was nothing in front of Ye Xiwen. He had crushed it as if it were a child’s play for him.
“My brethren of Lei tribe… go ahead and kill him for me!” Lei Yang Yun bellowed. More than a dozen individuals, each possessing tyrannical aura, appeared in the surroundings. Each of these individuals was at legendry’s great complete realm and possessed tyrannical strength. Their intrepid barbaric auras had spread across the vast sky. Each of these individuals was a rare expert.
The experts of the Lei tribe were twice as powerful as the experts of the Yang tribe. However, none of these experts was at semi-sage realm. A semi-sage expert wasn’t comparable to a sage expert. However, it could be said that a semi-sage expert touched upon the word ‘sage’, and was inherently different from ordinary mortals. Presently, almost all semi-sage experts had been sent to the f

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