Martial God Space

Martial God Space MGS

Author: Fu Xiao Chen

3.6 (431 ratings)

439 Everyone is Shocked 1 year ago

Translator: Novel_SagaEditor: Novel_Saga

Several people were still struggling to figure out what kind of a fortuitous adventure Ye Xiwen must’ve met with… that had helped him become a heaven’s pride level expert from an ordinary Houtian expert in mere 10 years.
Ye Xiwen should’ve reached the peak of the Houtian realm in these ten years if his cultivation had been good. He could’ve reached Xiantian realm at best. In fact, that would’ve been considered a huge achievement.
However, Ye Xiwen’s current strength was far more tyrannical than a Xiantian expert. In fact, there was no limit to his tyranny.
Ye Xiwen must’ve obtained some astonishing inheritance as per the guess of the ‘All Knowing Scholar’.
Ye Xiwen curled-up the corners of his mouth. It seemed like the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ wasn’t omniscient after all. He had been anxious that the ‘All Knowing Scholar’ might reveal the entirety of his secrets. However, it suddenly seemed like his fears were baseless in reality.
"I wish to know what kind of physique Ye Xiwen poss

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