Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming

Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming HALBAPC

Author: Erbao Angel

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"I'm a star chaser. Being in the same stadium as Qin Guan will be my greatest pleasure!"
"You convinced me. I want a ticket, too."
"If I'm lucky, I might even see him in person. That would be the happiest night of my life!"
"You are right. Wait for me at the stadium!"
"See you there!"
They both went offline.
Qin Guan, who had no idea about his approaching fans, was currently in a dilemma.
The award ceremony would begin at eight o'clock, but all the distinguished guests and reporters would arrive earlier. There was also a red carpet event before the ceremony.
Due to the numerous attendants, as well as the large number of judges and reporters, the organizers always set up two different red carpets. One for the official award nominees and performers, and one for reporters, music critics and business partners from all over the world.
The first one naturally attracted more attention, as the most famous musicians in America and the entire world would gather there. The second one was more low-key, but the celebrities were still recognized and welcomed with applause.
The Grammys were a gathering place for musicians around the world, so the two red carpets were a popular idea.

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