The Invincible Dragon Emperor

The Invincible Dragon Emperor TIDE

Author: Yao Ye

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128 The Impressive Power of Soul Pond Realm 11 months ago

Translator: Panda_PennEditor: Chrissy

Xue Chou and his men were dumbfounded seeing their warriors getting slaughtered out there. They thought there was no doubt for winning this time, but little did they expect that the situation would turn out this way.
The Blood Evil Island had Xuan Crystals. The thing was they never considered buying combat-enhancing type pellets. Every one of the Liu Family was taking pellets so their combat abilities were greatly improved. Patriarch Seven and Patriarch Nine could even compete with warriors of the Soul Pond Realm. It was so easy for them to kill those at the Spirit Sea Realm now. With a couple of moves, they could finish one.
The most important thing was the eight Green Dwarfs were full of valor and vigor. In the time it took for merely half an incense stick to burn, at least 300 or 400 were dead in the claws of the Green Dwarfs…
"Lu Li, catch this!"
Liu Yi had been following Lu Li closely. She threw him a bottle and told him in a low voice, "There are three Power Pellets in there that can increase your strength by half and three Wind Pellets that can double your speed. You take them as you deem fit. But the efficacy of one pellet can only last for the time of one incense stick

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