I’m Really a Superstar

I’m Really a Superstar IRAS

Author: Chang Yu

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Translator: LeggeEditor: Legge

Downstairs, below Little Qiu's house.
A group of people were whispering among themselves.
Meanwhile, Zhang Ye, Old Wang, and Old Zhou stood a little further away to smoke.
At this moment, footsteps came from the apartment corridor. Liu Tie appeared after coming down from upstairs.
"How was it?" Xiaoqian quickly asked.
Liu Tie hushed them. "Let's talk when we get out of the neighborhood."
Dong Shanshan said anxiously, "Did Little Qiu agree?"
"Will she go and get her legs treated?" Wang He asked him in concern.
Once they were out of the neighborhood, Liu Tie smiled and said, "She finally accepted the money after much persuasion. Sister Qiu's husband is already contacting Zhang'er's friend. I can tell that Sister Qiu's attitude this time is different. She really wants to get her legs treated so that she can spryly stand up in front of us!"
Zhang Ye laughed and said, "We're all waiting for her!"
Ma Xufei slapped his thigh. "That's great!"
He Kui said excitedly, "We were afraid t

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